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Las Vegas' Affordable Two-Bedroom Suite

By MikeE on Thursday, 28th January 2010 4:21am
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It doesn't exist. Plain and simple.

In my years of scouring the internets for any and all information Vegas associated, I find that the question hot on the coattails of anything $20 trick related is in regards to where someone can find an affordable two-bedroom suite. Of course, "affordable" is a relative term. After all, a suite can't possibly be more than two or even three standard rooms total, can it?

In short, yes. And usually far, far more.

Please excuse this rant as I try to kill this topic once and for all. You see, all too often there's that messageboard staple, that question that goes something along the lines of, "We're a group of six guys looking for a nice suite. Is there anything with enough beds for all of us?" And before one can answer with a sensible response, there's a total n00b already screaming the praises of Jockey Club as though it's not an outdated, dry-humped sandwich violated by its neighboring, gargantuan-in-comparison Cosmopolitan and Bellagio.

So with that said, stick to standard rooms. Three rooms = six queen beds and three bathrooms. It's far more comfortable, far more private, and far, far cheaper.



Comments & Discussion:

Mike, allow me to respectfully disagree and promote the Desert Rose Resort, which is next door to Hooters and a five-minute walk to the MGM. "Resort" is a bit of a stretch as this place is a non-gaming extended-stay hotel with a small pool, but as far as value for a large group of people, you can't beat it.

You can get a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite with a full kitchen for less than $175 a night. In fact, I just priced it for my March trip, and the two-bedroom suite was going for $112 (nonrefundable price) or $132 a night. Split that four ways and you have a really cheap stay.

One bedroom has a king bed and the other has either a queen or two doubles, plus there is a pull-out sofa bed. The kitchen has full-size appliances (including an oven), so head to the Von's a mile up the road before you check in, get a couple cases of beer, frozen pizzas and some snacks, and you're good for any pre-party you want to have. You'll also get a porch or a balcony so you can step right outside your room and have a smoke, or if you stay on the right side, have a look at the Hooters pool.

The Desert Rose isn't the lap of luxury, but I wouldn't describe the standard rooms at Treasure Island, Harrah's, MGM, Bally's or Monte Carlo that way, either. If you need a place with lots of room for a cheap price and you're not one of those people who demands a high-end spa you'll never use, shops you'll never shop at or a concierge you'll never visit, the Desert Rose will work.

I definitely agree that std rooms are the way to go assuming you want to be contiguous with a casino property. Some people may want condos because they travel with their pets and children (bad idea). If they are just being cheap, then they shouldn't be vacationing in Vegas.

I think Signature, Palms Place, Hilton vacation condos at the Flamingo, and Trump may have 2 bdrm units? I would guess these would be the most cost effective choices.

Thing is, all those rooms add up in taxes. To avoid that, they try and book a big-ass room at a cheaper property.

The problem is, it doesn't really work that way. I've seen a thorough walkthrough the most expensive suite at Excalibur, and as far as quality AND space goes it can be beaten by suites at Luxor that also cost less.

Which is unfortunate to me, because I always had a dream of booking "The Big Room" at a total vomitorium.

Real simple, if you have to ask you can't afford it, and shouldn't try. especially in Las Vegas, especially in a 2 bedroom suite. If you want to cheap out and eat pizza and beer, and have a family vacat. go to the local rv park, not vegas.

Huh, I've never pegged Vegas as a turn-up-your-nose-at-people kind of place. I'd just rather spend my money at the tables or at a nice restaurant rather than for a room where I spend three or four hours a day. The original question was, "Is there an affordable two-bedroom suite?" and I answered it. If the question was, "Is there a two-bedroom suite where you can spend your mortgage money for a night's stay?" I wouldn't have posted.

Hang out with me in Vegas any time you want; you'll see it's anything from a family vacation. I go to have fun in an adult playground. If you want to have a sip with your pinky out, there are plenty of cities where you can book a $1,000-a-night-hotel room and think you're having more fun than everyone else.

IIRC I've seen good deals off and on for the 2 bedroom corner suites at MGM Grand.

I agree with Mike E.. Im sure Mike was talking about Niice places on the Strip not the ones next to hooters that nobody wants to go to....

If you have 6 guys, just chip in 100 bucks a night and you can get a really nice suite during the week for 600... That's what we do at times.

Staying in a baller suite for $100 a night is worth it for me, even if I end up passing out on the couch or in the tub...

I would say you can find some pretty good Sun-Thurs deals. We did the 2br suite @ Mandalay Bay (1500 x 3) with 1 king, 2 queens, a rollway, plus couch space and comfortably slept 7 for $350 a night.

one time for a bachelor party i got the vista suite over at the mandalay bay with the 2 bed connector room. i think it ended up costing about 600 a night for both rooms which was about 2300 sq ft. that was basically a king bed, 2 queens, and 2 rollaways with 2 1/2 baths. also bath products in the vista suite were the aromapothecary brand and not the regular gilchrist & soames stuff. btw, if you get 2 regular rooms at mandalay bay, you can usually score a free upgrade to an X3 suite at check-in (based on availablilty)

another time i had gotten a 2-bedroom suite over at redrock for about 350 nt and that was about 1600 square feet (1100 for the 1bedroom and like 500 for the connector).

About three years, we got a great deal ($600/night, IIRC) for a "Hospitality Suite" at the Mirage. We split with another couple, so four total. One of the rooms had a king, and the other 2 queens.

Comfortable living space, and a great place to entertain. We had other friends staying in the hotel, so the suite served as a great place to have cocktails before dinner. The only downside was furnishings were a bit beat up, as these rooms see lots of corporate functions, etc.

$288 signature (2 sofabed)

$349 palms place (2 sofabed)

$489 vdara (previously from $479)

$600 aria

$699 bellagio (previously from $500 IIRC)

$800 hotel32

$850 skylofts (1 king, 2 queen) (previously from $595) (after virtuoso 15% off)


thehotel - h suite online from $420. its not being sold as 1BR is it?

venetian - 2BR lago listed, but no rates online?

also interesting http://www.wolfsonlofts.com/
currently a building with 5 condos, says theyre expanding

I also disagree.

PH Towers offers a nearly 1k sq ft 2/br suite for under $300/night. There are MANY ways in Vegas to score a multi-room suite for not a whole lot of change.

Sure, it's not a Villa. You want that kind of decor and service, you're going to pay or play for it. Otherwise, if you can go low-roller, it's more than possible.

Frankly, I'm sick to death of people BS'ing about their '$20 trick' scores, when most front desks at higher-end hotels can't even do much more than a higher floor for that price. Vegas is in financial turmoil as much as any other major tourist city out there and can't just give away the good stuff. Folks who say they went from a resort room at Wynn to a Fairway Villa, all for $20, are likely full of shit.


i think MikeE agrees re "$20 trick"... at least thats the impression i got from article.

and PH towers? seriously? timeshare managed by westgate.

now it will be interesting to see what the min lease is for the 20 residences. if a 2nd tower is built, there will be another 20 residences, and a private rooftop pool between the 2 towers.

We had 4 guys and two std rooms and without our thinking to ask, the hotel (Wynn, pre-Encore) gave us connecting rooms. With the connector door left open we felt it was "almost" like having a suite and, like MikeE pointed out, two full baths. We plan to ask for that in future.

That said, signing up for offers can do you good esp. in this economy. Last fall on the short list we looked at Mandalay's 1500x (and the similar, but dated and beat up endcap suites at MGM) and PH's Panorama (seen in the movie "21") for rub-your-eyes-and-look-again prices. Also Signature one-bedroom w/sofabed.

Before anyone asks, we ended up defaulting to our Encore offer because, well....

(To clarify, that last trip involved two couples and a fifth wheel, so the suite was a less-viable option.)

with some pro-theme/disney/etc and anti-luxury thrown in for good measure.

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