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Vegas Vacation: Catch It Before It's Gone

By MikeE on Tuesday, 26th January 2010 4:13am
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There aren't a lot of good Vegas movies. And I mean *good* Vegas movies. Not "good" by a movie buff's sense, but good in that you start checking room rates the moment the movie's over. Good in that you decide to give your host a call to see what he can do. The kinds of movies that glorify the excess enough to convince you that your already generous bankroll could use a little boost. The Hangover was one such movie. Not only did it make a huge splash at both the box office, but it left an especially lasting impression on our community of Vegas aficionados.

But before The Hangover, there was the memorable story of Nick Pappagiorgio getting cozy with shady high rollers, Clark Griswold losing thousands at the tables, Audrey becoming a cage dancer, and Helen dating none other than Wayne F. Newton. And all this while showcasing The Mirage in all its former glory.

I'm talking about National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation and if you've been itching to see it, it's available now on YouTube in ten parts. Check it out before it's pulled. Subsequent parts are under the play list bar to the right.



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Also worth noting, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas is now available for streaming on The Netflix. RIP Johnny Depp! ;)

100% agree with you! I love both movies

Heh. I'll have to watch this week. I've mostly been reading about Vegas history. I read John L. Smith's memorable and explosive Steve Wynn bio "Running Scared" last month, and this month I'm following it up with John L. Smith's 2005 book (I'm forgetting the title) on all the "Founding Fathers of Vegas", Pete Earley's "Super Casino" (which I just finished) on the rise of Circus Circus and its transformation into Mandalay Resort Group (before it was ultimately bought by MGM Mirage), and Christina Binkley's "Winner Takes All" (the 2008 book chronicling Steve Wynn's comeback, Kirk Kerkorian overseeing MGM Mirage, and Gary Loveman taking helm at Harrah's, now the world's largest gaming company).

Interesting stuff, this Vegas town... ;-)

Well, four slot machines and I won four cars. You know, I put a dollar in, I got a car. I put a dollar in, I got a car. I put a dollar in, I got a car. I put a dollar in, I got a car.

That's cool that "Fear And Loathing" is available for streaming on Netflix. I've got the Criterion Collection of it and am still debating whether to buy it on Blu-ray when it comes out next month.

I recently watched "The Grand" (It's also streaming on Netflix.) based on a recommendation from a bartender at the Golden Nugget (Netflix had previously listed it as a recommended film for me based on my tastes, but I was a bit iffy about it.). It's a pretty decent mockumentary about poker, with Woody Harrelson playing a casino owner (Think Ted Binion crossed with Bob Stupak.) who is forced to play in a poker tournament in order to pay back a loan he owes to another casino guy (Micheal McKean doing a bit of a Steve Wynn.). The Golden Nugget figures prominently in the movie, as it is the site of the tournament, and the Plaza takes on the part of the Rabbit's Foot Casino Woody's character owns.

absolute fave Vegas movie, although The Hangover is up there =)

I actually have this on my iphone, and we generally watch it before every trip. I stand by my assertion the it is the best of the 'Vacation' movies!

If anyone for any reason hasn't seen it, GET TO STEPPIN. More Vegas love went into the movie than you'd have any reason to expect.

Chuck, Im such a huge fan I hate to correct you but...

Vegas Vacation was not associated with national Lampoons..

Although it's still a Classic National Lampoons had nothing to do with it...

Nutz - Mike E wrote this post, i'm not offended, thank you for fandom!!! Stroking my ego will get you everywhere.

Oh and... you're right (sorta) Vegas Vacation was the only one that didn't carry the "National Lampoon's" possession in the title... at least if you believe Wikiwikiwikipedia.

I've put three movies on my iPod to watch while I work out in preparation for my Vegas trip in March: The Hangover, Go and Vegas Vacation. Nothing gives me the Vegas itch more than watching a good Vegas movie!

Vegas Vacation was on TBS several times during our last stay at Encore (seemed to always be on in the bathroom, as the bathroom TV's are not HD and 3 hours off from the main TV). Nothing like watching Vegas Vacation while actually staying in Vegas. It's so fun to see how different everything is now.

A question about the movie, the Griswold's were often seen eating in that very tropical looking cafe at the Mirage. My first visit to the Mirage was in 2002, and never found it. Is this the present location for the Carnagie Deli? From watching the DVD right now, it appears to be near the front of the casino.

"I'm going to Wayne's, he's making linguini..."

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