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Tropicana: Sprucin' Up the Tiffany of the Strip

By JohnH on Tuesday, 26th January 2010 2:39am
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Here at VT, we've been telling you for some time about the changes and much needed renovations occurring at the good ol' Tiffany of the Strip. First, there were the Paradise Tower room renderings that found their way onto the Internet via the Trop's blog, "TropPulse." Interestingly, Harrah's calls their blog "Pulse of Vegas." Makes you wonder when MGM will get one (Get it? A pulse. Yuck, yuck, yuck. That shameless pun made no sense, I'm sorry.)

Then we got word of the Planet Hollywood management exodus over to the Trop. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have actual, factual pictures of what Alex Yemenidjian's $125 million renovation of the old girl. The Las Vegas Sun has posted a plethora of new photos, demonstrating what $125 million gets you these days.

And, you know what, the place doesn't look so bad. The new rooms are bright, clean, and airy; a far, much improved cry from the no frills room that Chuckmonster reviewed in 2006.

The new bathrooms aren't so bad either. No word yet on whether or not the much- beloved (By whom?) Leatherwood Collection will make a toiletry appearance in the renovated bathrooms. Yep, nothing spells hooker taint stained shower curtain like the Leatherwood Collection.

Also included is a cleaned up and de-timeshare maggoted Tropicana Shops hallway, new convention space, the Havana-A-Go-Go java stand (Are they going to sell cigars there too? Who doesn't love exploiting Cuban stereotypes, am I right?), and a suprisingly cold, institutional Bacio Pasta and Vino. Not exactly my idea of a warm, inviting Italian restaurant, but hey, it's not like they had $126 million to spend on the place.

All of this comes on top of a new website, an in the works pool renovation, and a goal of entirely re-theming the girl to a sexier Miami-meets-Havana theme. That explains Havana-A-Go-Go, but Cuba-themed java hut still isn't exactly what we at VT think of when we hear "South Beach feel." Now, throw some hookers, blow, and a Pina Colada onto a poolside BJ table and we'll be a bit closer.

Joking aside, though, I'm glad to see the Trop finally get some love. For too long we sat by while Attila the Yung brought the place closer to a "Worst Strip" Trippie than it should have been, and it's finally nice to see the Tiffany of the Strip sparkle a little bit.

Now, all the Trop needs to do is get rid of Wayne F. Newton, cancel "Let's Make a Deal," and refurbish the Tiffany ceilings, and then she'll really be on her way back up.

Thanks to uber-Twitter-tipster Mac78130 for the link to the Sun article.



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OK... The renovated areas don't look so bad so far. This was LONG overdue. I don't know if this will make The Trop a "top-notch" player again (It hasn't been one for at least 35 years!), but at least this will take them off the bottom of the totem pole (sorry, IP & Circus Circus) and make them relevant again.

The problem is most of these changes are disparate elements that do not tie together. It's like putting patches on an old pair of jeans. The patches by themselves might look new, but the jeans are still worn. The new rooms will be the best change by far. However, the new dining places don't fit with the rest of the decor.

a huge improvement. can't wait to see the finished product.

Wow something to look forward to seeing. The last time I was there the place had the stench of death about it. Escalators that didnt work, dark interiors, crappy dining choices and just a look of cheap.

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