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M Resort Has Self Esteem Issues

By MikeE on Monday, 18th January 2010 10:15am
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M Resort's latest offer is aimed at enticing Californians with a 30% discount off room rates. It's cool to see a "locals" style offer for us road trippers, but the rate isn't what's grabbing my attention. Rather, I found this little head-scratcher on the offer more amusing:

Welcome to Las Vegas' Newest Four Star Resort.

Seriously? You sure you want to be proud of that claim?

I mean, in New York or London, four stars is pretty swank. Five and it's practically an out-of-this-world experience that you'll pay dearly for.

But in Vegas, there are really only a very select handful of resorts offering that level of luxury. The result is a dumbing down of the "five-star" moniker the likes of which Bellagio and Palazzo proudly boast.

So then when you start talking four stars, you start referring to the Luxors and the Monte Carlos. Four stars in Vegas means New York New York. Do a Kayak search exclusive to four star spots in Vegas and see that even Bally's is waving the four star flag.

That's not to say there's anything wrong with four stars, but in the midst of CityCenter opening and so much of your more centrally located competition offering cutthroat rates, why advertise yourself as totally mediocre?

Luxor doesn't have a fleet of Maybachs for their high rollers like M does. Monte Carlo doesn't have restaurants which, gourmet or casual, take advantage of awesome views of the pool and Vegas skyline like M's do. New York New York doesn't have a totally badass wine bar to compete with the Hostile Grape. And in my own experience, none of the four star spots come close to the service I've received at M.

Just because you offer local's discounts and a great value doesn't mean you ought to knock yourself down a notch. M Resort, in my book and by Vegas standards, you're five stars all the way.

Let all five shine.



Comments & Discussion:

They're saying that because it's not a marketing phrase, they actually got four-stars in a Forbes travel guide:

I'm not sure what Forbes judged, although their META tags say, "The M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas has been created especially for Las Vegas residents and reflects the level of service, quality and value that has been synonymous with the Marnell family name. The M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas is one of the newest Hotel - Casinos on the south end of the Las Vegas strip with award winning dining, 4 star service, new hotel rooms, and a wide variety of table games and slots. Not to mention the recepient of the Forbes Travel Guide Four Star Award."

Yeah I actually think in this case M Resort should be applauded for not lying their asses off like every third-rate, also ran MGM/Harrahs afterthought hotel. They didn't pull their star rating out of their buttholes like the aforementioned liars.

I doubt their honesty will start a trend, but it actually makes me feel better about their place. Not enough to offset the insult to the intelligence their unforgivably high $25/night 'resort fee' is...but it's a start.

M Resort sucks. I played over 3 hours of high limit blackjack and slots and they offered me a "casino rate" on a room. I get 100% comped everywhere else.

It might be a marketing badge of honor right now. Think outside your personal box: Wynn isn't for everyone (even at present price points). M might be attempting to position themselves as a mid-upscale place at a great price. Keep people from perhaps being scared away by how nice the place is. Some don't want to stay at a place where dinner might max out their credit card (a perception many have of the highest end places).

And... M is pretty much the top dog in the 4 star category which creates the inviting comparison to other resorts (instead of a "almost as good as" in the 5 star category).

Hank is right about this. The M is just being honest. And btw, 4 Forbes stars (formerly Mobil stars) aren't anything to be ashamed of. Bellagio, Venetian, Palazzo, and non-Tower-Suite Wynn & Encore have all earned 4 Forbes stars. (Only Wynn & Encore Tower Suites have 5 Forbes stars.)

I'm just wondering why they haven't talked about their AAA ratings. Usually anything that gets 4 Forbes stars is guaranteed 5 AAA diamonds. Oh yeah, and that's how all the above properties can claim "5 stars".

And btw, I'm a long-time lurker and first-time commenter. This is another Vegas blog that I'm really growing to love. :-)

People from outside the US pay attention to the "four stars" thing.

They lost a star after Boozehouse and I stayed there...

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