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Goodbye P.Ho, Hello P.Har

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 15th January 2010 1:03pm
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Effective midnight tonight... "A subsidiary of Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. will assume management of the hotel at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip."

Goodbye P.Ho. Hello P.Har.

Read the rest of the official statement.

If you need me, I'll be in the dining room eating most of these words... The People vs. Planet Hollywood's Robert Earl.



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I dunno, I think most of what's in that other piece still stands.

PHo is losing money each quarter, Harrah's is getting a deal. In financial terms, PHo is not successful.

Isn't there a very good chance Harrah's will change the name sooner than later? I don't see why they'd want to further the Planet Hollywood brand and not a brand/name that they own outright. That is unless the transaction includes the entire brand name, which I doubt.

Cmon H... PHo is a success... maybe not measurable by dollars in this economy, but they turned the utter disaster that was Aladdin into a semi-decent fun place that was just starting to get a client base. Using the same yardstick, Harrah's Entertainment isn't successful either. More debt to pay off debt?

@hankthedwarf from what i know they are getting the brand too.

Def. have done things that many people like at the property, no doubt about it.

The original point in the quote(s) you referenced was that their celebrity/Palms-esque strategy was flawed/fake.

PHo is not in a strong position and are being vacuumed up into the HET empire. Harrah's is getting a great deal because PHo is distressed.

They are not successful enough to control their own destiny.

Can you separate 'success' and 'successful'? If so, perhaps that applies here.

am i fired from the VegasGang?

As long as I got a job, you got a job.

I'm glad that the article from Nov. 2007 got linked, as something I said in the comments is sorta happening:

"They'll limp along for several years until CityCenter opens and makes the place even more irrelevant. I wouldn't be surprised if within five years, it is sold to one of the major casino companies and reverts back to the Aladdin name."

Now it looks like I'm going to be wrong on the returning the Aladdin name to the joint, but the rest of that statement seems to be coming true.

^^ this guy is awesome

It doesn't really matter how good/bad the PH product is, whatever the level of quality the matter is that the financed it on a house of sand circa the pre-meltdown economy.

I'm not sure what all these comments about the legitimacy of it's celeb-cred have to do with anything, because even if it was where every celeb wanted to be seen, the building was paid for on an overextended tab. They couldn't pay back their debt before Harrah's could, sooooo...

Chuck, if that's the case then I suppose it's an even better deal.

It's kind of weird how the naming issue hasn't been focused on more in the news stories. Seems like an interestingly complicated situation in its own right. If they own the name outright (and it's not just a multi-year/decade exclusive licensing agreement for PH-branded hotels) , wouldn't that mean they gain ownership of every Planet Hollywood restaurant? That's assuming the restaurants aren't franchises that pay the parent company a franchise/license fee.

As I understand it, the hotel has a lifetime, non-exclusive license to the Planet Hollywood name for use as a casino resort property. That's transferred to HET as part of the deal.

They can even open other PHo resorts in other markets, but like the Hard Rock brand, the IP holders can also license to other operators if they so choose.

I agree that the PHo was just coming into its own, shedding the Aladdin blanket, and that it was taken right when it was about to really start standing out.
Imagine that Star Wars came out, and then the only film that ever followed was HALF of Empire Strikes Back. That would be kind of like this.

I would bet that nothing changes at all and the name will stay as is. The interior was just redone as well as the exterior so why waste cash trying to update something that already is. When all is said and don efor me it means more e-mails offering deals

While the Vegas inner circle (you guys) and the Vegas fan base (people like me) might know who owns what, I would guess that many (most?) people coming to Vegas don't have a clue to what company owns what casino, or even cares. From that stand point, in the grand scheme of things (and the current economy), will it really matter that much?

We took one last wander around Robert Earl's Planet Ho and if the 21 year old thug/douchebag crowd is what they were after then mission accomplished. Love the casino floor but did not enjoy the crowd that was there.

Does anyone know when they will be merging their reservation systems? Looking at heading out that way in August for a Bachelor party and a panoramic suite seem like a good home base for the price, unfortunately the budget does not allow for a Hangover like suite. Harrah's always seems to have promo codes for their property where with Starwood, PH only seemed to have weak deals.

Thanks Hunter

I think it would bed a bad move to change the name right now. Millions of dollars were spent in 2006-07 remodeling it to fit the Planet Hollywood monacre, and changing all that now would cost HET millions of $$$ that they don't have.

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