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It's All A Mirage

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 14th January 2010 4:26am
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A year ago, the folks from Wynn Resorts' PR team gave out these groovy little thumb drives filled with images for Encore's opening coverage. I LOVE the thumb drive and use it all the time to shuttle files, music, documents and other stuff instead of dragging around a hard drive.

One of the photos contained therein is of the original Atrium at Encore, before they tore it all up to build the Encore Beach Club thingy. I'm sure you've seen it before, but here it is again:

Steve Wynn Encore Atrium

The version on the thumbdrive is 1600 x 2132 at 300 dpi... such high resolution that you can see dog hairs on Steve's sweater and pants. They say that no outfit is complete without dog hair. Anyways, I noticed that my favorite sconce is right over Steve's shoulder and zoomed in... to notice that there is a small outerglow around SW and his shoulder is slightly transparent.

Steve Wynn Encore Atrium

Busted! It looks to me like they took a photo of Steve then stitched it into the atrium photo at a later date. The shoes are also a dead giveaway as is the bizarre glow inside SW's right hand and those pearly white fingernails and teefth.

Being curious, I looked up the photographer's name (Barbara Kraft) and found that she has a website which features a number of Wynn related photography.

One section of her portfolio, Retouching, shows before and after photos of the Maybach next to the Wynn corporate jet used as part of the Wynn Jet Promotion (photos #9 & 10 in the stream).

Steve Wynn Encore Atrium

And I thought I was a photoshop ninja. This is insane. Ok, so Wynn's tower has been strategically relocated, but hot damn those are is some impressive photoshop skills.

Sure beats the hot mess photoshopped onto the limo on the ARIA concierge page:

It's all a mirage.



Comments & Discussion:

That is actually a Rolls-Royce, not a Maybach. I always suspected that picture of Steve was a bit too perfect.

"this looks shopped, i can tell from the pixels and having seen quite a few shops in my time."

The jet picture's most impressive achievement is a realistic looking red carpet added. I used to do stuff like change the background on shots all the time, though.

I've that Steve picture as a magazine cover from G2E, and I should have known. He casts no shadow or reflection. So either it's shopped or he is actually a vampire. Which would explain explain a few things in addition to being awesome. We already know that a businessman who shall remain nameless is a zombie, and vampires and zombies never get along.

By the way, another magazine I have from G2E has a picture of Green Valley Ranch's casino right outside the Drop Bar, which has a big photoshopped sign on it that says Fallsbar.

No idea.

While I agree it is shopped, keep in mind that not casting a shawdow is not a dead giveaway. It's not a candid shot which means lighting was at play. You can eliminate shadows with lights.



Take note of picture 13 in this set of 22 images. It's the Fountains at Wynn Las Vegas!!!

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