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My Biggest Issue With Aria

By MikeE on Monday, 11th January 2010 4:32am
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We're approaching a month since opening and the reviews have been consistent.

Consistently mediocre.

I've yet to stay myself, but I spent the vast majority of my last trip at Aria while bunking at Mandarin. My feelings echo those of others - an A- facility run by a C- staff.

It wasn't the protective styrofoam still left in the entertainment center's cabinets in my friend's two-bedroom Sky Suites penthouse that bothered me. Nor was it the waitress at Cafe Vettro who, after showering me with the most god-awful service of my life, opened the check to see what her tip was as I was leaving. Not even the Sky Suites security guard had a sense of humor when I showed him my most awesome text message invitation to head upstairs.

ARIA Txt Msg

No, these are issues in which, despite supposedly hiring only the top 12% of the over 100,000 applicants, get ironed out with time and training.

But you see, this was more than just a resort opening. This was supposed to be the savior of Las Vegas. The entire nation took a hit with the recession, but Vegas took a beating. And then came CityCenter with its 12,000 new jobs scraping the best of the best out of Bellagio. And with that, hopefully Mirage employees could get their foot in the door at Bellagio, maybe a Harrah's dealer would fill a Mirage position, a Main Street Station dealer into a Harrah's, and a break-in dealer previously unemployed would have a proud spot dealing blackjack at Main Street Station. The model would have the best in the business seeing the fruits of their labor while trickling down to those who needed a job the most.

That's what should have happened.

"So where did you deal before here?" I asked as I set my pai gow hand. The dealer looks up at me with about as much enthusiasm as a rock and says, "Foxwoods."

Another instance, this time at a blackjack table with a slightly nicer dealer. "I used to deal at Harrah's Council Bluffs."

And another instance: "I was at Montbleau in Lake Tahoe. Ever heard of it?"

"Spa Casino in Palm Springs."

"Harrah's Laughlin."

Dude, like, W.T.Fuck?!

Maybe I'm just not picking the right tables, but these and a few other sessions had me wondering if anybody working under this roof was even from Vegas.

MGM Mirage boasted about job creation, bringing art and culture to the city, and appeared to have a genuine desire to help the valley when they needed it most. So much for that.

I understand the drawbacks of hiring internally for a major corporation. Seniority is expensive, but this was one expense that would have been more than justified. It would have helped the city and, well, I might've gotten a dealer with more than grind joint service skills.



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ah, what a shock - a (former) Foxwoods dealer with a bad attitude. I swear that that place trains any form of humor and politeness out of their dealers.

whenever in Connecticut, skip Foxwoods and stick with Mohegan Sun. The dealers are actually *gasp* friendly and the place has a great vibe, not to mention my favorite steakhouse of all time, Michael Jordan's.

mmmm...one pound baked potato

Uh.... So?

Yes, I knew they weren't entirely staffing from older properties. It happens to some extent, but not with that many roles to fill. Keep in mind that the resorts laid off a small town worth of people and many of them went to work elsewhere, went to work outside of the tourism businesses, or simply left the city altogether.

Honestly Mike, as someone in Vegas who is trying to find work and has been applying at MGM properties ranging from Excalibur to Aria to get it, I find this post smug and a little, er, offensive. There, I said it.

You know a lot of people who work in resorts and I don't. None of them have come from non-resort related work to a fantastic place? Really?

I've met casino workers at fancy Vegas hotels, including Wynn, who came from small places in Biloxi after the hurricane. And I'm sure a lot of people who used to have positions in four and five star Vegas casinos are now working in small casinos around the country after having to leave town due to the economy.

biggest problem of no strip people is lack of experience.

hired FOR horrible attitude? (obviously not hired for experience, so...) (four seasons does the opposite BTW.)

considering lack of dedicated staff for skysuites, so much for having 1 less room than encore tower. even though mandarin oriental is 50% bigger, they did a great job (seems like luxury service winner) which reinforces the benefit of independent management while simultaneously making MGM mirage look comparatively incompetent. i hope this isnt a sign that skylofts will not be returning to its past standards. i wonder how the mansion is doing, and where the good skylofts employees went.

MinVegas, you moved to las vegas during recession because you thought it might be better? what? its at least as bad as south florida, if not worse.

I'm not one to normally subscribe to conspiracy theories, but you almost have to wonder if MGM is tanking on purpose so they can buy Dubai World out for a ridiculously small sum.After which, things would miraculously improve.


I'm surprised a Foxwoods dealer got hired at Aria. As stated above, they are emotionless robots who don't enjoy their jobs whatsoever.

I have no problems if you came from a hole in the wall if your customer service skills are up to snuff. A person with that kind of attitude deserves greener pastures. I was just hoping to see deserving Las Vegans, of which thousands already work under MGM Mirage's canopy, to score Aria positions.

Let's not forget, that the majority of new openings in Vegas have the companies over hiring and then laying off 2-3 months in. Even in some of the peak times. In this type of economy job security is a huge factor for moving to a new resort. Now I'm sure there are areas MGM could have done better in recognizing customer service, but are we surprised at this. I know there are many that feel the sun rises and sets with Steve Wynn properties, and maybe it does, but customer service in Vegas overall is atrocious and has been for years. Anyone that felt that CC was going to 'save' Vegas was reading way too far into the hype and forgetting at the end of the day it's still a casino on a strip of land with lots of casinos and shiny, pretty, things.

Nulzero00, could not agree more. I really did not like Foxwoods, unfriendly staff being just one of the reasons. Mohegan Sun is far and away the better choice.

If you don't like the service at Aria, my suggestion is to head north towards Wynncore.

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