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VegasEats: Lunch at MOzen

By JohnH on Tuesday, 5th January 2010 1:18am
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Lunch is just one of those forgotten commodities in Vegas. Attention is always foisted upon the city's umpteen thousands of high-end dinner establishments that line the Strip and we all know of those lovely little egg-slinging breakfast sanctuaries that dot the street, but not much is ever said about lunch. Maybe most of us forget about it, maybe most of us are just doing other things. But we are all missing something.

That something is a lunch at MOzen Bistro at the Mandarin Oriental. MikeE has already sung the praises of their breakfast offerings, but their lunch offerings are just as good if not exceptionally better.

The restaurant, at lunch and dinner, offers everything you could possibly want from a restaurant. A fresh made selection from the sushi bar? Got it. Complicated and hard to find curries? Not a problem. The best club sandwich you've ever had? You betcha!

My lunch order consisted of two of those above mentioned items. My maguro nigiri sushi (Japanese for a single serving of Ahi) was succulent, tender, and delicate; everything you could possibly want from a good piece of sushi.

If that sushi selection was fantastic, though, my smoked turkey club was practically orgasmic. The collusion of textures between perfectly cooked slices of bacon, a creamed Hass avocado, and a peppery and layered pesto aioli created a sandwich that is unparalleled. And, being a man who quite enjoys his club sandwich, that praise is not conferred lightly. That sandwich was just life-changing.

The sandwich was also served with both a side salad and a selection of pomme frites. I would call them French fries, but the inclusion of the traditional garlic and fresh herbs took these fried potatoes to another culinary level.

Admittedly, it would be a bit redundant to detail how attentive-but-not-intrusive the restaurant's service is, but there are a few service moments so great that I just have to tell you about them.

First, there was not one point during my meal when my glass of iced tea was even close to empty. If it was even half full a fresh glass was either brought out. or I was asked if I would like another. Second, I was approached by at least two different managers to ensure that my meal and dining experience was more than satisfactory.

Like everything else that has been said of Mandarin Oriental, MOzen's both dining selections and service offerings are unparalleled in Las Vegas. It is goes without saying that, whether you're stopping by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a $4 slice of sushi to get away for cheap, MOzen just has to be experienced.

Lunch for one ran me $36. That is steep by comparable Vegas lunch spot standards, but it is really worth it.



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Looking forward to the Dinner at MOzen review.

Why does everyone on this site have to respond to the blogs
with one-liners so bad that they wouldn't be able to land a job at the Casbar lounge?
Whatever happened to "thanks for the info, I think...", or maybe something else-but all of these stabs at a Henny Youngman act is
getting boring.
As far as the recent MO reviews go, I thank you for the info.
My wife loves getting a massage and club sandwiches. They both sound
great, and are now on her birthday list.
Speaking of my wife-she got a mud facial at the spa a few weeks ago, she looked great for two days--then the mud fell off.

^^ hysterical. thx sahara!

And I haven't even reviewed the hotel yet.

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