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New Feature Posted: The Palazzo Two Years Later

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 22nd December 2009 4:28pm
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Just a quick note to those tuned into the RSS and Twitter feeds that we've posted a brand new feature article to VegasTripping, a review of the Palazzo submitted by VT reader Blackjacker1979.

It's hard to believe that it has been two years since the grand opening of Palazzo, seems like just yesterday we were all scouring photos of blue tape, broken tiles and other construction defects.

It's even harder to believe how - in a down economy with decreased visitation - completely and totally thrashed Palazzo's hotel rooms could get in barely two years. Gorilla convention? In room UFC matches? Annual meetings of the Paul Bunyan Society? Black & Decker Corporate Strategy Planning?

Here tis: The Palazzo Two Years Later: Review by Blackjacker1979.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments for the author or us on the feature page. Thx!



Comments & Discussion:

Coincidentally, I was @ Palazzo last week and only found one button missing on my couch and no other problems with my room. Maybe a little spooge stain on the vanity chair, which I stayed away from.

A friend that stayed in a different room said it was the nicest hotel room that he's stayed in. I don't have Wynn, Encore or Aria experiences to compare this to yet.

I ordered two meals from room service, ate at Grand Lux and Carner Vino and enjoyed everything.

My experience was very different than Blackjacker and I'm, obviously, happy about that. I'm glad that I read this after my stay because I probably would have avoided Palazzo.

Why is this blog always so anti-Palazzo? I love it here, but you guys treat the Palazzo / Venetian like they are Motel 6. I read the article, and I admit he had some damage to his room, but it's not like every room in the hotel is like that.

I've stayed at the Palazzo 3 times, and each time better than the other. I've stayed at Encore once as well, but I liked the overall feel of Palazzo better. So if they give you a free room, don't be stingy and take it.

^^ this is why we allow comments on each of our postings... so folks can share and compare their own experiences with the ones in the review.

one point to note... "i admit he had some damage to his room, but it's not like every room in the hotel is like that" - - - - we would never know unless we went into every room, which why the adding other visitors' comments to a review are so important.

the damage in this room is inexcusable, there is no way to get around that. luck of the room # lottery landed the guy with the camera who is eager to share a review in this room. luck of the room change lottery landed him in a room which had all the artwork stolen. this isn't a chance, this is a trend.

Believe the term "Your Mileage May Vary" applies to everyone here. You may luck out and get the room that has not been trashed to hell by the people who have stayed there or you may be the one that ends up with the chair with load stains and cigarette burns on the furniture. You may end up dealing with Broomhilda the beast of the check-in desk while someone else gets Miss Mary Sunshine, which depending on the day of the week or the time or the day (or the time of the month) could be the same exact person.

Unfortunately, when I gave this information to Mr. Monster to share, I was certain there would be reaction that this is just to bash Palazoo for some personal vendetta.

As someone who has had the fortune to meet those who create content for this blog, I hope they understood that I am impartial. I know, through conversation, that they treat everything covered in this blog from that way, and their personal feelings play second to getting the right information out there.

That said. I did not pay for the room, and I was thankful for the opportunity. THAT SAID, it is inexcusable to lure in a high limit player or a low level player or ANY player through any means and to give them an experience best described as, well, look at the pictures. I was given a room change, it was no better, at that point I didn't want to move again, and would you? Especially as no help with a move was offered and moreover the initial damages, which cause me physical injury, were looked at like I was really just whining for no reason.

Impartiality is my game, but in this case, there is no other way to handle what happened, and I FEEL it should be shared. I thank all comments, and I understand how some might feel I/others are bashing Sands for what they are. But that can't be further from the case. As someone who owns stock in all of these corporations, I want them to do well. I hope that someone does understand that.

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