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Mandarin Oriental Room Walkthrough YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 13th December 2009 1:56pm
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Some guy with a HD video camera YouTubed a detailed walkthrough of the Mandarin Oriental hotel rooms. He test drives nearly every button on the electronic gizmo that controls the room, pokes in every corner of every drawer and even inspects the grain on the marble countertops. And you thought we were anal hotel retentive.

The room seems a little small to me and doesn't seem all that more fancy than the rooms at M Resort (which are fabulous). For $350/nt and up? Hrmmmm.

Here's the vid:

Thanks to Mac85858 for the tip.



Comments & Discussion:

$350? Negative. Nice gizmos, but I'd rather do a suite at the Palazzo or Encore for that kind of cash.

I agree. Looks very nice, but $350 could get you a Salon Suite at Wynn (using some recent promotions). As Mr. Trump has discovered, a room that might fetch $500 in Chicago or New York may not even be worth $100 right now in Vegas.

I agree, for $350/night I would want a larger room and a view of something other than the Polo Towers and a McDonalds.

I wonder about the Hygenic nature of that artifical plant in the bathroom. Once again another hotel that uses regular glasses in the bathroom, with no way to guarantee they are washed and sterized properly, especially between guests. I much rather have a sealed, disposable plastic cup in the room, like you get in a $90/night Hampton Inn, as you can know that it is factory fresh and is properly cleaned.

I also agree that the room looks tiny. Also how long do they expect those hardwood floors in the entrance to stay looking nice and not beat up by luggage dragging across them?

Based upon this nearly 8 minute long video, from a foreign language tourist, the Mandarin Oriental isn't the type of place I would want to spend my money.

I'll stick with Wynn or Bellagio. What's up with the glass corner panels between the bathroom and bedroom? Sometimes, you don't want the bath to appear as part of the bedroom.
I didn't know there was a McDonald's in that part of the Strip. I'd just as soon not overlook P Ho, McDonald's and Polo Towers.

So the Mandarin is the cream of the crop in terms of hotel luxury chains correct? And the MO Condos were the ones that were going for the most money? So one can assume that was the studio model? AAHHHH No thanks..lots of bells and whistles but for what they charge I would have expected bigger...maybe a better view...but thats it? llaaammmeee

This is the same kind of room I saw. They have no relation to the residences - unlike Vdara, the residences are their own thing.

Not a huge room but MO is about more than square footage. The service provided is a big part of the supposed appeal.

Las Vegas is an outlier where great rooms are available at lower prices, though often without the same level of comparable amenities.

I don't expect MO to steal people that would otherwise be at WLV. It, more than any other CC property, is for people that would otherwise not be coming to this market.

materially and size wise, aside from the room tech in Aria, M I think competes equally with the rooms here....not sure that i'll pay that kind of premium, especially with Vdara right around the corner...

hope their water pressure is better...

This discussion is a weird hodgepodge of "the view sucks!" and "I can get this at M." Last time I checked, views at M are rather, ah, distant.

This hotel isn't for my budget but I'd pick it if I were going for some special occasion.

I agree its definitely smaller than I thought based on earlier photos. Encore or Palazzo are much larger for half the cost.

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