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Amazing Race Season Finale, Sponsored By MGM Mirage

By MikeE on Monday, 7th December 2009 2:48am
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Any VT readers catch last night's episode of the Amazing Race? If you didn't, don't worry - it would have pissed off anyone with the slightest knowledge of casinos.

First, the three competing teams headed to the roof of Mandalay Bay where one member of each team had to rope his way down to the ground floor. As they completed this obstacle, they were given clues to head to The Mirage. Mandalay has great access to Frank Sinatra Drive - oh, how I yelled at the TV and the idiot cab driver for taking the I-15. When the teams finally made it into the LOVE theater, they were to strap themselves into a bungee chord and use teamwork to grab a bouquet of flowers suspended several feet in the air.

Once this was accomplished, each team was given a clue to head to, "A resort named after the most famous casino in Monaco." This is when I lost all faith in humanity. I nearly cried as one team gave the clue to the cab driver who suggested The Venetian. Geography FAIL. Another team thought it might have been Bellagio.

Anyway, once they realized the clue was referring to Monte Carlo and they headed there (which, in their frantic pace, would probably have been reached much faster by foot than cab), they were to count exactly one million dollars in scattered poker chips inside MC's poker room before they were given another clue: "Meet 'Mr. Las Vegas' inside suite 88 at MGM Grand."

These idiots didnít know who Wayne Fucking Newton was!! Anyway, the lead couple finally reaches the 6000 square foot Skyloft 88 to find Wayne F. sitting on a baby grand piano. He advises them that the finish line and their one million dollar prize are located at his famous ranch.

As they cabbed it to F.'s home on the final stretch, the leading couple bantered that they wished to spend more time with "Mr. Las Vegas" himself. Maybe if you had an effing clue about European geography and history along with a less stupid cabdriver, you would have. If I was on the show, Wayne and I would have been playing duets and shooting the shit before winning the grand prize.



Comments & Discussion:

Anyone else notice that while at McCarran, they did not appear to go through the regular taxi cattle drive outside the baggage claim area?

Wayne Newton is one creepy looking guy...

Socalduck, I agree that Wayne Newton is one creepy guy. Maybe that's because he's a month older than I, and I haven't had plastic surgery. I saw him at Elmwood Casino in Windsor, Ontario, across the river from Detroit in the early 1960's. Wayne looked and sounded a lot better then. Elmwood Casino was a great supper club, not a casino.

They arrived at terminal 2, the international terminal. What you saw is the real taxi cue. Half the time there is no taxis there.

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