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How To Piss Off Steve Wynn

By MikeE on Thursday, 3rd December 2009 5:43pm
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Remember all the hoopla about Wynn Las Vegas' mountain?

Wynn used to circulate several stories about his frustrations with Bellagio's neighbors. I guess when you work hard building "the greatest public attraction on earth" (Steven Spielberg's opinion, not mine), it irks you to see competitors build restaurants with views that take advantage of your dancing fountains. It pisses you off that they're charging more for "fountain view" rooms across the street. Oh, and who could forget Wynn complaining about the (at the time) Aladdin's lights shining an ugly blue hue on Elaine's face as she dined on Bellagio's lake.

Hence Wynn LV's mountain. It urged you to come inside, take in what they had to offer, and most importantly, be shielded from that hideous "cloud" at the Fashion Show Mall across the street.

And it also made for some lovely press photos [Even if the trees are fake - Ed.

Wynn Mountain

I can just imagine Wynn describing it in his usual (and often haven't-I-heard-that-before?) flowery talk: "Fronted by an intimate lake and tucked behind lush gardens and foliage lays my masterpiece. [cue German accent] In here, everything is beautiful. Zee people are beautiful, zee girls are beautiful, even zee band is beautiful!"

And now, hidden in the Flickr stream of the ARIA photos we told you about yesterday, is something that would have Wynn steaming.

"At zee Vynn, even our cloud is beautiful!"



Comments & Discussion:

Ein preiswerter weg um piss off Steve Wynn wäre ihm ein wedgie.

Complaining about the "cloud" is so 2003.

Mein Anus ist kaputt!

Kann mir bitte mal jemand den Zusammenhang zwischen Wynn und Deutschland erklären??

or in english: what's the relationship between wynn and germany?

@MikeE: where did you learn that quite good german language skills? :D

My dad is from Germany. He tried to teach me German once but I wasn't having it. My last time has an umlat in it (well it did, before it got changed to ii).

Chuck, I was actually reading the "German" text in the narrator from Spongebob Squarepants' voice "Another beuteeful day in Bikini Bottom.."

I bought the $18 puzzle of that Wynn photo last time I was there, and when I went to put it together, there was an effing piece missing.

which piece? i'll send you mine.

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