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Bellagio : No Room Renovations For You

By JohnH on Thursday, 3rd December 2009 5:14pm
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It seems like MGM Mirage dealt another blow to Bellagio's rapidly decreasing self esteem and luxury position on the Strip yesterday.

Vegas design aficionado detroit1051 over on The Admiral's blog stumbled upon a very interesting, very concerning note buried deep within an MGM investor presentation. Behind all of the hoopla and hyperbole of CityCenter's opening, MGM got down to brass tacks and has told its investors that, for the time being, the company will make as few capital expenditures as possible.

Now, this is good news for all of us who love Bellagio and hate, as @mtc (aka MinVegas, mike_ch) has called it, the "Modern Generic Moderne" interior designs that have crept into Steve's Italian Pleasure Dome. Hopefully, because of this, we won't see Jasmine closed and transformed into something called Min, an Asian-Fusion cafe, managed by the Light Group. Hopefully.

The real bad news in this, though, lies in the hope of room renovations for the old girl. Under Wynn's tenure, the rooms at his former resorts were renovated on a five-year revolving basis. This practice was continued when MGM took over the joints and is the reason why Mirage and TI have seen their latest room remodels.

Bellagio, though, is coming up for one of those renovations. The last facelift the rooms saw was in 2004 and, if my grade-level mathematics have taught me anything, that means it's now been six five years and we're due for a new set of rooms. And, if you've read VegasTripping's latest review of their room offerings, you would know that those updates could not come a moment too soon.

Sadly, that moment has probably been delayed indefinitely. It looks like we're going to be stuck with tube TV and giant armoires for the foreseeable future. This also probably means that any hope we had of seeing the Jolly Green Monster's rooms get a much-needed facelift have been dashed.

That's probably more lamentable because MGM Grand's rooms haven't been updated in almost a full decade now, but for those of us watching how the old girl's desired--even if often misguided--position as Las Vegas' crown jewel of luxury casinos will be preceived in a post-CityCenter Las Vegas and if that may cause the old girl to befall the same fate that it sealed for the Mirage, this is some bad, bad news.

And maybe it's not all bad news, though. If the rooms aren't renovated to Mirage's new standards, maybe we all won't have to worry about stumbling upon some short, curly, and Italian surprises in our deluxe Bellagio accommodations. (rimshot)



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That sucks. The Bellagio rating on this site is now changed to four stars. When will the next approximate renovations be to their guest rooms? (Yeah, call me a geek) but, I really love that place. Its a great resort. I just HATE to see it decline.

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