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RTB: Aria Interior Photo Floodgates Are Open

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 2nd December 2009 12:04pm
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It seems that the floodgates of ARIA interior photos has opened with photos of a huge chunk of the resort appearing in the Review Journal's CityCenter Guide (see the left column.)

The real jackpot is a Flickr photostream with larger resolution photos of the casino floor, dug out by intrepid web ferret Mac23459112 (2 and 12 pays double).

ARIA Casino

City Center - Casino (Full Size). As an added bonus, Admiral Hillegas posted some locational comments to many of the photos in the Flickr stream.

No, this isn't an old photo of a 1963 Howard Johnson's OR a Barbie Townhouse... its the Silk Road Restaurant at Vdara!

Did you forget to breathe?



Comments & Discussion:

I can't decide if its too busy or not. The materials are gorgeous, but there seems to be a bit of scatter overall. Like a DWR exploded inside the place.

We'll see in person I guess...

Crap. Hit Submit before I typed anything. What a tool.

Anyway, nice to see some carpet on those floors. Unfortunately, it is hideous.

I said DWR, I meant IKEA. The patterns. Whoa. And second the carpet, looks like square baby poo.

I like it... sorta. I agree that the photos probably don't do it justice. We're missing people and life in the photos. Not too magnetizing of a space... Color theory wise- I'm kind of surprised that they chose such alming colors. Yellows and Reds are known to entice, excite etc- and they are colors of wealth, luck and prosperity. This looks very similar to the Luxor remodel. Not too sure....

I think I need to see it in person before I really make final judgement. Glad to see it's close to completion though... I thought this day would never come.

I think the casino looks good. I really have had my hates about the whole CityCenter thing. It might be OK in the end (even though it stills looks like a major city downtown).
To bad Aria is opening 4 days after we leave. It's OK, I'll be back to Vegas in a couple years after this trip, it's burned a cigarette hole in my heart and shoved a high heel in it so I'll be back.
I'll still go check out MO and Vdara while I'm there and ride that tram if it's not broke already.

woohoo! I'm in ;P

reminds me of "the bank" from oceans 13...

If the tiny bit of light at the end of the casino is their idea of "a lot of natural light," then kiss my ass.

wow, that reminds me a lot of Red Rock. Can't wait to see it live in April, although with the coverage going to feel like I'm there. Great job to all that are posting pics and reviews of it.

I don't get all the negativity, it looks pretty cool to me.

that tiny bit of light is the front door by the porte cochere. to the left of that light is registration.

Any Idea what the partiony looking things behind the table games on the left are?

they're partitions. seriously!

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