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4004 Rooms

By MikeE on Tuesday, 1st December 2009 11:56am
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It has been a decades-long practice applied to several of the tallest structures in the Far East. In 1999, Mandalay introduced it to Las Vegas and later, THEhotel. Wynn, and Encore followed suit shortly thereafter. Even condo hotels like Palms Place did it and ARIA will be no exception, either.

I'm talking about the superstition behind the number "4." If you're a gambling fanatic (or Chinese), then I'm beating a dead horse to you, but for those of you that don't know, the word for "death" and the number 4 in Mandarin sound very similar to one another - bad gambling juju.

It's why most buildings with a casino and over 38 actual floors "skip" 40-49 completely (38 floors and not 39 because we're also accounting for a "missing" 13th floor). Even before these high-rises, Mirage and Bellagio never had an ultra high roller accommodation named "Villa 4." When you walk through the atrium leading into Wynn's Tower Suites, it's hard to miss the mother-of-pearl elevator doors on your right that read "Villas 1-2-3" and on your left "Villas 6-7-8" (what the story is with skipping number 5, I haven't got a clue). Even at the tables, I've yet to come across a baccarat game with a seat labeled "4" and I'm willing to bet there were more than a couple high rollers glad to see Jay-Z's 40/40 Club at Palazzo no more.

Now I know I'm a dork. I read press releases. I know room counts. I doubt most high rollers read as much about these things as our community does, but even then, with so much painstaking effort to avoid the number 4, dontcha' think ARIA should, oh I don't know, not boast of their 4004 room inventory?

I mean, just look at that number. Some high roller's gonna' think it literally looks like the eyes of death peering straight into his Gee Joon seeking soul.

Per ARIA's press release: 4004 guest rooms, including 568 suites. Might I suggest counting it as 3436 guest rooms *and* 568 suites. If they do come across the numbers, hopefully they won't do the math.



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Honestly, I think this is why Wynn prospers, and MGM fails. Its the details. It all comes down to the details. Great companies like Wynn and Apple are obsessive over each and every little detail, but I doubt that the PR people at MGM even gave this a second thought. But you are right, people, especially the asian high rollers are extremely superstitious. MGM should just advertise 4003 and rooms, they could even bill and fill that extra room, but just not advertise it, not like anyone is going to even know. Even with us crazy fools, I don't know anyone that actually counts these rooms to make sure they're all actually there as advertised. I guess lets hope for the best, if CC fails, MGM and Vegas are in serious trouble. MGM is saying CC will change the world, they better hope they are right.

Im thinking Wynn wanted to skip "Villa 5" is because they wanted to include "Villa 8"...since the number 8 is really lucky in Chinese culture. If they included the number 5, the left elevators would read, "Villa 5-6-7"...and the asian gamblers would be like, "Hey! I want to stay in Villa 8! What gives?"

arthur makes a great point.

Arthur, great point!

I always thought there was some kind of significance to the number 5 since Mandalay and THEhotel skip 50-59. Guess that's unrelated to why Wynn chose not to include Villa 5.

This baffles me too. Is it possible that the 4 at the front should be added to the 4 at the end to get 8, a good number for fortune and luck?

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