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The Best (Worst) of Vegas Douchebaggery, Episode 5

By MikeE on Sunday, 29th November 2009 12:08pm
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Today's episode comes to us from everyone's favorite VP joint with a side of sleaze, the Palms. No surprises there.

"Derek and Brian: Playboy Suite at the Paaaaalms..."

I don't even know where to start. Within the first few seconds, I perked up in my office chair and leaned forward at attention thinking I found a half-decent video tour of the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa.

Nope. Instead we get an asshat who talks like he's recovering from a stroke giving us a tour of a standard room at Palms Place. Sorry to see you've been deprived of a hotel costing more than $80 a night. TV in the bathroom? So 2005.

No mention of a pull-out sofa in the tour? I'll assume their ignorance was pure choadoerotic bliss.



Comments & Discussion:

I normally enjoy these, but something about this one doesn't seem particularly douchebaggy. They might just not vacation very much and are easily impressed/satisfied. Kind of like you or I back in the day when we had that Luxor room with the tub in the corner and thought it was the alpha and omega of luxury.

This is almost nothing compared to many of the examples on display at the Hard Rock past, oh, even 7PM.

We've just jaded you. This guy clearly flushes vaginas for a living.

I find it only mildly douchey. Who gets to be the big spoon in the king sized bed?

Seems pretty douchey to me. They are really, really stupid or trying to fool their friends back in Dogpatch USA - either way the douche fits.

I've always wanted to stay in a place with a gangster bed and a g'd up balcony.

This may count as an unofficial California trip report but I just stayed in an upgraded Motel 6 in Santa Barbara this weekend.

It also had a ganster bed and flat panel TV ( only in the bedroom ). The bathroom ( sigh ) did NOT have a flat panel.

Geez, was that ever lame. Compared with some, this guy is annoying, but generally inoffensive. Coming from Orange County, I have seen world class examples of douchebaggery on an all-too-regular-basis, and this guy doesn't come close.

I've never stayed at the Palms or Palms Place, but those rooms look a bit on the small and narrow side.

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