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More Mandarin Oriental Room Pr-n

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd November 2009 3:28am
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The nice folks at Mandarin Oriental heard about my love affair with one of their rooms and thought it might be smart to send over a bunch more hotel room pr-n.

This is the Mandarin Oriental's "standard" offerings which come in about 4 different flavors - Mandarin Room, Mandarin Executive Room, Mandarin Premier. Rack rate for these puppies runs from $375/nt to "if you have to ask..." range.

Alternate view of the same layout. All of the images of Mandarin Oriental that we've been profiling so far are renderings, not photographs (even the one on the "I'm In Love" post.) The jpg quality on this one and the next one isn't that hot, but the detail of this 3D modeling is astounding.

A tub as the center piece of the bathroom - how incredibly awesome is that. Definitely kegger ready.



Comments & Discussion:

OK even I am beginning to come around re: MO.

I still don't like all the decorative pillows on the bed. They are useless and unsanitary, unless they change the covers with every guest, and just get in the way when you want to sleep.

What is the health department code for these pillows anyway? What are the requirements for cleaning them between guests?

I wonder that same thing some times. Like on cruise ships, they have these fans that blow this santizer spray, and between every cruise, every couch and chair in all of the public areas get sprayed. The cabins that have couches also get sprayed (or are supposed to anyway) I know this is to keep down the norovirus and all that, but hotel rooms should do the same thing.
Spray santizing SOMETHING on the bedspreads and pillows between usage.

I usually could give a crap about the 'design' of a room, I like them renovated rather then not, and larger rather then small, but don't care otherwise. But that's a pretty nice looking room.

Sweet room :)

These rooms are indeed gorgeous, but I've never understood the need for a tub. Do people take lots of baths on vacation? I'm personally fine with a nice 2 person shower instead.

The focal wall in the bathroom (actually there seem to be many great points of focus in the bathroom) is a treatment called "Rammed Earth" I love it and how it mimics sediment layers!

there is no better way to get over a major beating in the casino than a long steaming hot dip in the tub. essential.

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