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20 Years Ago Today

By MikeE on Monday, 23rd November 2009 2:43am
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Mirage 20 Years

17 years ago, I witnessed the volcano in person and stood awestruck by the atrium and aquarium.

15 years ago, the best moments of my summer vacation were at its pool sliding down the now no more water slide.

Nine years ago, a face full of scruff and a fake ID helped me play my first hand of blackjack. I lost, but then hit a four of a kind on a video poker machine playing max credits - my first thrill from a "big" casino win.

Six years ago, I spent my 21st birthday there. I lost everything I came in with, didn't realize I was hooker prey at the Baccarat Bar, and hardly remember anything else. Time of my life.

No less than three times in the last two years, I went through the most epic baccarat runs of my life in the high limit room. Under their roof, I'm still in the black.

20 years ago today, The Mirage opened its doors and while I hate puff pieces, I can't recall a single moment where I haven't had a blast there. It might not have the best of anything anymore, but its total far surpasses the sum of its parts. If Encore and Wynn are too high to justify, the very next place I turn to is Mirage - over Caesars, over Venetian, and yes, even Bellagio.

Happy birthday, Mirage. I'm not sure I would like Vegas as much as I do without the memories.



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I couldn't possibly agree more. The Mirage is what started it all for me. From the time I first entered the place, I never forgot it. I've easily spent over 100 nights in this building, and though I don't stay there anymore, its still very special to me. The manager of Mirage said he considers it the best mid-level property in town. I think he is totally right. For many various reasons, Mirage will not be able to directly compete with a Wynn,or a City Center, but its still an amazing place. I still think their pool is one of the best that Vegas has to offer. And while I like some of the changes MGM has made, many I don't. Removing trees and waterfalls out of the lobby just to expand a bar, is unacceptable to me. I realize that MGM finds a way to squeeze every dollar they can out of every square inch of a property though. Does this make them the best operator, from a profit aspect I suppose it does, but not from a guests perspective. Anyways, Happy Birthday Mirage, I look forward to many more years of greatness.

I too love the Mirage and consider it my "Home" in Vegas. Is it me or does the statement of Mirage as a "Mid-level" property not still well with others? I tend to think it's a class of its own. In comparison to other Mid Level properties such as Luxor, Paris, MGM Grand etc... I still think The Mirage stands out as the leader and again... in a class of its own.

Thanks for the tribute article MikeE and Happy BIrthday to you Mirage!

Sometimes I wonder if Steve Wynn built The Mirage, or if The Mirage built Steve Wynn into what he is today...

Gotta love the Mirage. The Mirage always had a fun and laid-back vibe that I find to be missing from Bellagio and Wynn. I think Steve & Company are trying to recapture some of that original spirit with Encore, which is why I have high hopes for the "beach club" project.

While I am not a big fan of some of the interior changes MGM introduced the last few years, from the exterior the Mirage still looks great (minus any annoying wraps, of course.)

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