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I Guess You Just Had To Be There

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 19th November 2009 4:21am
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Speaking of CityCenter related eye candy, ARIA's TV commercial has been making the rounds (including being posted to The Board by our top secret informant Mac7812921532.)

In case you missed it:


The ARIA/City Center marketing campaign - even in its initial stages - baffles me. Yes, I understand the point - CityCenter/ARIA is an architectural wonder that you just have to experience to understand. I get it.

People say the same thing about LSD, there are no ways to describe the complete sensory and psychological shift that occurs when the drug works its magic on your brain. You don't go up to your friends and say... "dude... you gotta take some acid." "why?" "cause you just have to experience it to understand!"

As a marketing campaign, that doesn't work. Throwing in a story about walls melting or clouds bubbling over mountain tops or wandering around a park with your friend who turned purple all over like the grimace or improvising a 25 minute avant garde concerto on a one stringed banjo to an audience that included your friend who turned purple and a one legged duck singing duck... that gives you the right to tack onto the end.... "you really need to experience it to believe it."

Y'know how when you start telling your friends about something that someone else said to you while in some kind of ironic setting/situation and you get to the funniest part of the story and the people you're telling it to respond with blank stares? That's kinda how I feel about it.

Hand drawn air shapes for sale! Get yer air schlongs! Two for one repeating bendable air trapezoids! Take acid and walk around the weird buildings, only $159/nt with $40 resort credit! Interlocking strange geometrical spaces for sale!

The "I guess you just had to be there" message repeated a half dozen times in a half dozen settings as a faux word of mouth pantomime accompanied by brooding piano music isn't going to make anyone pick up the phone and dial 866.359.7757.



Comments & Discussion:

I think we finally found Aria's theme: hype.

That ad is ridiculous. How would anyone even guess that Aria is a gaming property in Las Vegas based on this ad? Much of the visual imagery (i.e. a boat, the ocean, a beach house) have nothing to do with Aria. For the average person who has never heard of Aria or CityCenter, this ad doesn't even tell them what it is.

You've got to be on downers AND a Vegas scholar to pick out the appearance of lights of the Rio and the lady in the tutu dancing in front of ELVIS.

I'm sure once the artsy fartsy budget is spent with little impact, they'll start doing really direct advertising... "come see the newest casino in las vegas with stunning architecture and interior design. we call her ARIA, but we could've called her ART"

I don't know, the logo at the end which clearly states 'Aria, Resort and Casino, Las Vegas' pretty much gets the point across to me. Shrug.

What room type exactly is that pictured? I know in the post, there is mention of "Mandarin Executive".. On MO's website, I see that same photo for a mandarin executive room. But that does not look like a 500sqft room. I see the identical picture for the more opulent 3,100 sqft Mandarin Suite which seems more believable. I'm gonna assume there has to be some kind of error on the website.

Yeah, this isn't the most conventional type of commercial to run for a casino in Vegas nor is it as memorable as having his Steveness stand on a building and announce that "it's the only one he's ever signed his name to," but it does spark a bit of curiosity. If I were watching this commercial and didn't know a thing about CityCenter, I would probably look into it and see why the effing hell these people are playing charades and what's so great about the heart of CityCenter. Idk if anyone remembers this, but Bellagio was running an ad for its opening back when I wasn't allowed to enter the casino, and it didn't exactly let you know that Bellagio was a gaming property or anything of the sort, and it was made by Mr. Wynn.


But going back to what Hunter and everyone else was saying during the last VegasGang podcast, their marketing is quite strange and it simply won't get as many people anxious or excited about its opening. But hey, maybe they're aiming for something different here. Let's just hope they don't eff up.

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