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'Beyond' Construction Peekaboo at Encore

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th November 2009 1:56pm
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After reading our previous post about Encore's "Beyond" project - working title was "Switch Beach Club" - VT reader Blackjacker1979 snapped a bunch of photos from his Encore hotel room, which just happens to overlook the construction scene. How serendipitous!

Encore Beyond Club Construction

Everything that was there previously is now gone. Like completely gone. The ground is being leveled out, turquoise "pool" pipes are at the ready for installation and the foundation is beginning to be graded. They aren't f-ing around on getting this project done.

Encore Beyond Club Construction

If I remember correctly, the final plans include an aerial walk way that will go over the driveway to the Wynncore self park garage.

Encore Beyond Club Construction

I wonder what they are going to do with the dome. Landfill? Sell it to MGM for installation at Monte Carlo? (rimshot.)

Encore Beyond Club Construction

These are pipes for a pool, of which there will be two at the Switch Beach Club. You can also see that lattice trelliswork tossed into the trash there. They should put that on eBay.

Encore Beyond Club Construction

Bulldozer carrying around debris and moving earth.

Encore Beyond Club Construction


Encore Beyond Club Construction

Like way totally clobbered.

This is going to be great. As much as I loved the atrium as was, it seemed like a dead end. This will drive traffic through out the resort, as opposed to "to" the resort in taxi cabs.

I wonder if Wynn Resorts has realized that it is smarter for them to reposition Encore as a resort for hip young people with a lot of expendable income and a desire for the finer things in life - i.e. eating MGM Mirage's lunch - and leaving WLV to server the Robb Report reading multi millionaires and Asian baccarat players flown in from HK (plus everyone else of course.) In that scenario, "Beyond" is shrewdly calculated, strategically timed addition of a game changing amenity to an already killer resort.

Let the "Beyond" vs. "Liquid" wars begin!



Comments & Discussion:

The dome is staying right? I remember seeing it the rendering RateVegas posted. I didn't realize it would be so close to the road though...

This is why I love Vegas. Only in Vegas would they rip out a area that just less than a year ago, the spent millions of dollars to build. Its just amazing. Out with the new, and in with the newer. I love it. I can't wait to see this. I hope its really truly spectacular.

The renderings showed a dome but it might not be that one... Could be removed and replaced with something that looks similar.

If anyone is interested in a "before" shot here it is: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3440/3838016356_024c136ed1_b.jpg

View from the 63rd floor looking down at the LVB entry.

The dome has been been brought down completely. Sucky.

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