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Wynncore on KLAS : The Video!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th November 2009 8:19pm
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Wynncore KLAS

Well, wontcha take a look at that. Take your time. Step back. Admire it. We'll wait.

And it's the top story on the KLAS homepage too!

Wynncore KLAS

And they even posted the video!

For the record, the "undisclosed location" thing was Jon's idea. I don't live in a secret underground lair, I live in Downtown Los Angeles.



Comments & Discussion:

Well done First the NY Times now this. Congrats!

The newscaster's voice is priceless. I was expecting him at any moment to go "This is "chuck" a blogger, who also drugs children to sell on the underground white slave market and rapes dogs in his spare time. Film at 11."

With all this added publicity to the matter, I wouldn't put it past the Wynn legal team to huddle up and decide to go after Chuck with both barrels blazing. After all, Chuck has made these guys look bad in public and now they need to regain face by making him squirm.

I hope it doesn't happen and Wynn lets the matter fade into a distant memory, but I just have the feeling Chuck hasn't heard the last of it from the Wynn legal department yet.

Atltrainman> A couple problems with going in both barrels ablaze. 1. There is no trademark. 2. If Wynn registers "Wynncore", Chuck can arguably show earlier usage in commerce. 3. In order to violate said trademark Chuck would have to be offering goods and services connected with it, which he is not.

Wynn could try UDRP with ICANN for the domain. However, Chuck, to my knowlege, has does not have a history of registering in bad faith, which is very useful if not critical to show the UDRP.

i appreciate all the time you guys put into supposing what might happen on our behalf. allow me to save you some time and tell you that the wynncore thing is over. there will be no lawsuit or further c&d orders or any of that stuff. trust me.

right now we're at the tail end of gloating/rubbing it in phase...

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