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The Jetsons in Las Venus

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th November 2009 3:45am
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True Vegas freaks have an array of search terms programmed into their TiVO/DirecTV DVRs. Level 2 freaks add AC and Reno, maybe Tunica and the occasional casino name... Borgata. Level 3 adds Macau and Cotai related stuff. Level 4 plugs in names of casino owners, famous gamblers and historical figures. Level 5 searches a rolling majority of the Roll The Bones glossary.

Unless you're a serious Vegas DVR ninja (shi-shing Chuckmonstersan), you probably missed this one, an episode of The Jetsons entitled "Las Venus". The plot is simple, George and Jane drop the kids off at Grandmas, Astro at the kennel then head to Las Venus for a second honeymoon. At the outset, George begins babbling about playing blackjack, roulette and space dice.

Space dice? I wanna play space dice!

What ensues is typical Jetsons hijinks, in a strangely familiar retrofuturist place called "Las Venus."

Jetsons Las Venus Title

It saddens me to know that even in the future, they haven't solved the concept of traffic jams, at least on the Las Venus Skyway. Raise your hand if you've gotten a ticket on the drive to or from Las Vegas. That's just about everybody, including George Jetson.

Eventually, the Jetsons make it into Las Venus and gawk at all the sky casinos on the way through town.

Jetsons Las Venus Sahara

The $onic $ahara

Jetsons Las Venus Flamoongo

The Flamoongo

Jetsons Las Venus Riviera

The Riviera Satellite.

The Jetsons eventually arrive at their hotel...

Jetsons Las Venus Sands

The Supersonic Sands.

Check in at the Supersonic Sands is a breeze, and a gamble. The front desk clerk spins the big wheel to choose your room, in this case room 711, then presses a button to bring the room right to you! Three cheers for eliminating the Cross Country Casino Luggage Trudge. One other amenity, there's a dealer in every room - I heart the future!

Jetsons Las Venus Hotel

Jetsons Las Venus Room Service

Look at that view of the casino across the way: The Las Venus Venus.

Jetsons Las Venus Venus

Las Venus Venus has an "All Star Show" which features...

Jetsons Las Venus Dean Martian

Dean Martian!

Of course Jane just has to go and bugs George to make it happen, but not before Geo does a little gamblin...

Jetsons Las Venus Gambling

George locates the card dealer which lives in every room, but is also greeted by two slot machines on wheels - mobile gaming! George tries his luck on the green one and hits squat. Jane meanwhile has better luck and proceeds to head down to the beauty shop to buy a new Saturn Bikini ("it has rings in all the right places".)

This is all pretty much just the preamble to the real plot, which involves a phone call from George's boss Mr. Spacely (of Spacely Sprockets) requesting that GJ goes over to the penthouse suite at Las Venus Venus (which looks like the new rooms at Mirage) to get a contract signed while hiding his mission from Jane.

Go forth and find "Las Venus" on the Boomerang channel, my fellow Vegas DVR Ninjas, it is well worth 22 minutes of your time.

Jetsons Las Venus Slots



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I would close to literally die from excitement if a hotel looking like Las Venus Venus was built. Thats some awesome archetecture!

Looks like it would be hard to walk from casino to casino whilst drunk.

george bounces from casino to casino using a jet pack!

This is awesome! It will definitely become part of my "Gambling in Film and Literature" class. Now if I could just find a Star Trek episode that's better than 'The Royale," I'll be all set.

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