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ARIA: Union Peekaboo!

By JohnH on Monday, 16th November 2009 11:37pm
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Inside ARIA

Did you know that the Light Group's website URLs are really easy to manipulate? Yeah, neither did I until today. All it took was the replacement of one simple word (In my case, switching "Fix" with "Union") and I just stumbled upon a treasure trove of information about the Light Group's newest restaurant concept, Union, coming to ARIA in less than 30 days.

That was around noon. Sadly, it looks like MGM's legal department got the Group to take down that rendering.

At that time, the first thing you saw was a fantastic rendering of the restaurant's interior. Suffice it to say - as Chuckmonster did in his description of the restaurant's craftwork in those leaked interior photos about a month ago - Union is going to dial the trippy factor up to eleven.

Instead of curving pieces of wood that only flank the walls (Stack) or descend in alternating patterns from the ceiling (Fix), Union is using its wooden craftwork to envelop its diners in a beautiful purple, gold, and orange cocoon. And even though this cocoon may not reverse the effects of aging like that all-too-forgettable Ron Howard movie, it will provide some interesting visuals and a more than interesting dining experience.

Dining atmosphere is just half that battle that is a good restaurant. The other half is, of course, the food. And what can we expect to eat in this super cool environment? According to the Union "website," we can look forward to a restaurant that will serve an innovative form of... prime steaks. Yup, it's just another Light Group steak house in a cool environment. It's Fix. It's Stack. It's Brand. It's just another borderline-douchey steak house with moderately acceptable steaks and unnecessarily loud bass music.

And to think, the description on Aria's website had me all excited about some avant-garde form of American Dim Sum. I should have known better. The Light Group: innovative and avant-garde? Ha!

Note: Although the battle over that lone rendering of the Union's interior may be over, you can still download its floorplan to get a sense of how it is integrated into the casino floor, among other little tidbits (Like knowing approximately how many urinals and toilets will be in the men's restroom).



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