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ARIA Grand Opening Invitation Unboxed

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 16th November 2009 6:36pm
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Today the postman brought a rather large box to the VT loft, which upon quick inspection appears to be an invitation to the grand opening of ARIA. Join us as we unbox this bitch! Exciting!

Aria Invite Box

The box. About the size of a record album.

Aria Invite Box Side

I feel like they wrote this tag line just for me.

Aria Invite Box Open

Inside the box - some stuff wrapped in a sleeve with a sash around it.

Aria Invite Box Sleeve

The sleeve, with ARIA outline on it, de-boxed.

Aria Invite Box Sleeve Back

Ain't nothing on the back

Aria Invite Box Contents

Inside the sleeve is the invitation and a book.

Aria Invite Box Invite

The cut outs in the invite are the same design as the cutouts on the drop ceiling stuff inside ARIA's casino.

Aria Invite Box Artistry

The Artistry Of ARIA is a 80 something page book of high res detail photos with relevant quotes by artists involved in its making. I haven't fully studied the book, but from first glance, I don't recall reading one peep attributed to an MGM executive.

The book is exquisitely put together, with each page being of a completely different texture of linen paper. Very bitchin.

Aria Invite Box Artistry 1

"Aria is a shimmering world of reflections" - Cesar Pelli

Aria Invite Box Artistry 2


Aria Invite Box Artistry 3

This is a rendering I have yet to see. Not exactly sure what it is.

Aria Invite Box Artistry 4

Hand drawn sketch for interior passageways.

Aria Invite Box Artistry 5

And... drum roll please... the first interior photo of ARIA we've posted.

Aria Invite Box Artistry 6

A sketch of the entire City Center site.

Aria Invite Box Artistry 7

The final page is an early "MGM" sketch by Cesar Pelli.

ARIA opens in 30 days and VT will be there to cover it live. Let us know if you are planning on coming!



Comments & Discussion:

Very cool. I guess you're welcome after all. Even after that Mirage review. I look forward to seeing the whole gang there.

Wait... you said 80 pages, you only showed us 6!! J/K.. I'll be there!!

I'll be leaving Vegas 4 days before the place opens. Sucks because I won't get to see it until I make it back to Vegas in 2011 (after 2 well deserved trips to Amsterdam and Tokyo respectively)

I've been wanting to meet Chuck and the Ms in person for a while, but another miss..

I'm jealous now. That is one nice invite and probably cost a pretty penny. Was this sent just to the press or to special MGM guests? I'm assuming it wasn't sent to everyone who just signed up on the website for info. Also, did it come with a room offer or a schedule of events?

these are invitations sent to "the press". there was no room offer per se, but it has been discussed with our PR contacts. nor was there a schedule of events, i have to call them to get that info.

Very nice Mr. Chuck! I too am curious about the other pages of that fancy invite... Grand Opening- I'll be there with entourage. Is there a VT meet planned?

Can you use two additional guests to the grand opening of the Aria? My sister and I are traveling in from Houston, Texas.....

so what are the details.....what are the event times and when will the general public be allowed to enter???? norm

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