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VegasEats: Stratta at Wynn Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 13th November 2009 5:10pm
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After wrapping up the Podcast-a-Palooza, the majority of us headed over to Wynncore in search of food. The majority of the crew headed to Society. Miss Monkay and Dramman opted instead to go to Stratta, mainly because Dramman had already eaten at Society that day and me and Miss Mo find their food snoozy. The last time we were at Stratta was when it was Corsa Cucina, the first WLV opening day dining joint to bite the dust.

As expected, service was top notch throughout our meal. We started the meal with a plate of oysters which were fresh and delicious. A basket of fresh breads including a number of truly delicious Parmesan cheese crackers and a side freshly whipped butter, came with. Starving, we decimated the entire basket in record time. A replacement basket arrived within minutes - sans Parmesan crackers - breaking our hungry hearts.

The heartbreak was forgotten quickly upon the arrival of our entrees.

Vegas Eats: Stratta Wynn Las Vegas Veal Picata

Dramman's Veal Piccata, described on the menu as "thin scallopine of veal saute with capers and lemon butter sauce." One thing I learned about Mr. Dram is that he was a chef in a previous life. With a little luck, he'll add his own comments about the Veal Picata and the meal in general below. I had a small bite of it - my first taste of veal in 10+ years - and it was as tender and delicious as I remembered it.

Vegas Eats: Stratta Wynn Las Vegas Striped Bass

Miss Monkay ordered the Striped Bass "roasted orange fennel, confit tomato, basil, lemon olive oil." With a little luck, she'll add her own comments about the Striped Bass and the meal in general below. I had two bites of the bass and it was wynnlicious. Staring at the photo is making my mouth water.

Vegas Eats: Stratta Wynn Las Vegas Lobster

I ordered the Maine Lobster 'Fra Diavolo', described on the menu as "spaghetti with Maine lobster and saute of shrimp in spicy garlic-tomato sauce." The lobster and shrimp were perfectly cooked and wrapped in very delicately al dente spaghetti and perfectly balanced spices in tomato sauce.

Vegas Eats: Stratta Wynn Las Vegas Potatoes

In addition to the oysters we ordered Creamy Asiago Potatoes as a side order. Tangy, crispy, creamy, cheesy. Yum.

Vegas Eats: Stratta Wynn Las Vegas Dessert

For dessert, we ordered the "Sampler", which featured five different offerings exquisitely arranged on a square plate. Clockwise from the top: Bombolini (mini donuts) "warm amoretti and ricotta beignets filled with nutella", Chocolate Toffee Cake "toffee crunch with cappuccino mousse and decadent chocolate cake," Cannoli "home-made cannoli, vanilla ricotta filling with dark and milk chocolate chips," Tiramisu "traditional marsala marscarpone cream layered with expresso soaked lady fingers and choclolate," and in the center a surprise that isn't on the Stratta dessert menu, Apple Pie a la Mode.

I found the cannoli, bombolini and the tiramisu to be wonderful. None of us were particularly taken by the chocolate toffee cake.

Overall, Stratta was great. The food was lovely, service was excellent and the atmosphere - the zany Dramman - was a helluva lotta fun.

Vegas Eats: Stratta Wynn Las Vegas The Bill

The damage: $220.52 + gratuity



Comments & Discussion:

Really? I liked the toffee cake, but then again to me "going out" means a burger stand or, if we're feelin' fancy, a casino buffet on a 2for1 coupon.

First, the meal was no match for the company. It was fun to be regaled by Mr. Monster and Miss Monkay about the genesis of Vegasstripping, and the chance to compare notes on Macau and our mutual affection for the SAR. We must dine again.

My thoughts dish by dish:

Double Makers, neat: Actually came with no ice...God I love being in a country where they understand "neat".

Oysters: Not sure why Chuck left this out. Then again, they were not memorable to begin with. They were a little bland to begin with, and the accouterments were a bit of an after thought. One thing that struck me traveling the amount of peoples who eat oysters raw is uniform, but their choice in seasoning vary widely. Wish they thought more about this. I know this minor, and the more I am thinking about it, the oddly more worked up I get. So I will stop on this pet peeve and say my favorite is lime and sriracha.

Veal: Great and perfect. Not too much butter. Not too salty, which is hard to gage in a dish with capers. The soft and rich meat had that sublet taste I only find in veal and can inaptly describe as sweet and nutty. Three things, butter, salt, and meat selection, that could have been excusably less than perfect, yet the staff nailed perfect 10's on all three like a anorexic gymnast with daddy issues on crystal meth.

Sea Bass: Could have used a heaver hand on the pepper, but perfectly cooked. Flakey and meaty, with a great crust on top. Like I said, a bit light on the seasoning, and the fish could have used it. The orange fennel relish could have been of use, but for some reason did not jive with the fish. I did make me think fennel orange sherbet would be a great avant guard dessert.

Lobster Pasta: Perhaps not my thing, since I like lobster and nothing but. I was disappointed by use of the tomato sauce. I would have opted for a concasse with fresh basil, and with that the choice of sweeter tomatoes. However, perhaps thats faulty advice considering my first statement.

Potatoes: Very good, but hard to screw up something as easy and perfect as potatoes au gratin (even at home a box of dried potatoes and mac-n-cheese powder). I was surprised by how hot-out-of-the-oven they seemed in presentation. This basic dish was flawless.

Dessert - Beignets: Again fried dough, how can this not be good.

Dessert - Chocoate Cake: I agree with Chuck, not the best. However It is like saying he is the poorest and shortest player in the NBA. He could very well be 6'4" and make 3mil a year. I would have to try this on its own to give it a fair assessment.

Dessert - Cannoli: See "Dessert - Beignets"

Dessert - Tiramisu: Over my 10 years in Korea I have gather quite an animus against this confectionary. It is made so poorly and eaten so frequently there all while Korean claim not to like cheese, fatty foods, and sweet things, it can drive your crazy (about as crazy as it made me to see Koreans wolf down gallons of fresh salsa I made while swearing Koreans hate cilantro and would never eat it). So anyway, my tastebuds here and baggage might have worked against this, however I found it quite plesant. Much like the cake I would like to get this alone.

Dessert - Apple pie: Very good. I was a little put-off by the use of cashews though (much like some girls I know, waste of a good nut). Good balance between sweet and tart, and the avoided the tempation to give it some sugary glaze.

Other notes: Very good food, but thumbs down for the decor. Rubber wicker patio furniture might look great from afar, but seats cheaply. The place seemed shoe-horned into a coroner of the walkway. It reminded me of a "classy place" at a shopping mall. If I am paying $70 for dinner I want to sit on a real chair and a table with a real table cloth, not a place where one would think you get dollar hot dogs and drafts on "Thirsty Thursdays".

Final verdict: Great back-house, good front-house, bad design and planning.

"Wynnlicious"? I suspect the ink is presently still wet on cease and desist letter numero dos, which should be arriving by courier to the VT offices first thing in the a.m.

My thoughts on the meal:

I hardly recall it. However, that is due to the two bags of grass, seventy- five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid and the salt shaker half full of cocaine start to my V gas Trip.

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