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New Rooms At Tropicana!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th November 2009 11:48am
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Meanwhile back on Earth, the Tropicana has unveiled - via their blog (more on that later) - the look and feel of their new room designs.

New Rooms At Tropicana

Boyd Gaming called, they want their hotel room designs back.

The new ones are definitely an improvement over the current, and seem to jibe with the Trop's attempt to bring back an actual feeling of tropicalia to the hotel. We can also see that the Tropicana is attempting to reposition itself as heir apparent to wayward Stardust clientele, i.e., the Hawaiian tourist market. Hell, they even hired Wayne F. Newton.

Don't get too excited though... the palm trees and lilies are for show, not for blow. Oh, and how do they expect me to get my iPod in or out of that iHome docking station when they stuffed into a cubbyhole in the nightstand?



Comments & Discussion:

wow.. nice look for the trop compared to their current 30 year old design!

Definitely a marked improvement, but not sure how this fits into their $150M remodeling budget (which wasn't going to include new rooms). I stopped in 2 weeks ago and although there were some minor changes in the casino and a walled off area, they need to do a lot more.

The louvered shutters is definitely a signature Boyd design (Fremont). The pictured room looks awfully big for that old a property. I suspect this is only a model and they might have used a larger room.

The magazine rack is a nice touch. I'll have to remember to pack my Highlights.

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