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Inside ARIA: The Restaurants

By JohnH on Tuesday, 10th November 2009 12:29pm
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ARIA Las Vegas Restaurants

It opens in a little over one month. Some of us have oogled all we could out of the grainy leaked casino photos and videos. I've spent hours looking at property maps trying to get an idea of what this place is going to be like. The good Gen. Chuck S. Monster and Adm. Hunter Hillegas are planning live-feed coverage of its opening that will put their previous efforts at Encore to shame.

This is going to be Aria, a resort that, according to countless PR blurbs and not-so-countless glossy advertisements in Vanity Fair, has to be experienced to be understood. Therein, though, lies the problem: Aria has to be describable in order to pique interest in her cold glass curtain wall.

Many of the people I've spoken with about the place don't know what to expect. They've looked at the website and admired the room pictures, but other than that, they just don't know what's going on inside. Gordon Abasher's Vegas Gang interview was probably a better source of information than that website. Hell, I've talked with people who don't even know what Aria is.

That's not a good thing.

Yes, we're slowly getting logos for the bars and a price sheet for the spa, but there's still not a lot of information on the site. When Vegas aficionado and astute gaming sector investor Brian Fey doesn't know what the resort's restaurant offering are going to be, you know you've got a big problem. To that end, being the civic-minded individual that I am, I'm going to take a bit of time out of my schedule over the next few weeks and help MGM and the rest of us out a little bit.

I want each and every person who walks into Aria for their first time to know intimately well how best to pull off an Ocean's Eleven style heist what MGM's all-in bet will offer for its epicurean-minded customers. Mainly, I want you to know where you're going to eat. By this time in December, you're going to know all too well what to expect from Union--think Fix and Stack but in a much cooler setting--and just how great Shawn McClain's Sage promises to be.

Before we get started, take a look at Bellagio. You see all of those restaurants? Yeah? Alright, take those, change their names slightly, and then put them in Aria. There's your first dose of perspective.



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Chuckmonster, are you going to be down there for the opening?

yes i will

Well, hey.... myself, Boozehouse & 2 other crew will be there Dec 14-18 staying at the Mirage for the first 3 nights (undecided on the 4th night's location). We should all hook up for a drink.

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