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The Buffet is Closed

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 6th November 2009 4:27am
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Ah. Los Angeles. The city I live in. The City of Angels. Paradise at the gates of hell. Tinseltown. Dodgertown. Sometimesireallyhatethistown.

Much like Las Vegas, Los Angeles is essentially a two newspaper town - the Daily News and the Los Angeles Times. I live about 8 blocks from the L.A. Times main building and the warehouse where they actually print the damn thing, equidistant in two different directions.

I buy the Los Angeles Times (Sunday Edition) maybe twice a month. For coupons. And the crossword puzzle. And the Travel section. If I want to read the news, I go to the New York Times website. I never read the website of my local newspaper of record - LATimes.com, with one exception : The Movable Buffet : Dispatches from Las Vegas written by Richard Abowitz.

I've always had a connection with Richard although I'd never spoken to, emailed, tweeted or hung out with him. Here's a guy who lives in Las Vegas and writes for a Los Angeles newspaper. I'm a guy who lives in Los Angeles and writes about Las Vegas.

I finally met Richard for the very first time at this years Podcast-A-Palooza. We spent about 10 minutes chit-chatting at the bar outside of The Lounge, an interrupted conversation which might very well have spilled its potential insanity Sloan-wards, accompanied by a soundtrack of high powered munitions and the finest four counts from the legends of Forest Hills.

In the last 18 months Richard has been posting consistently thought provoking and big brass ballsy entertainment critiques. His deft bitchslapping of the the myth that is Criss Angel won The Buffet 2008 Editors Choice Trippies Award For Best Blog.

Reading Richard's announcement that the L.A. Times had decided to discontinue The Movable Buffet was surprising, but not shocking. All we hear these days is how the economy and the internet has destroyed the newspaper business. As many of the reader comments on Richard's final entry point out, this is the wrong way to fight that battle.

After digesting the news for a day or two, I've come to the realization that The Buffet isn't closed, it's moving. The Movable Buffet is Richard Abowitz. Wherever he goes, it goes... be it the Las Vegas Weekly, sprouting his own domain (Abowynnitz.com?), or writing haiku on the desert floor with urine of varied origins and Twitpic'ing the results.

Personally, I can't wait.



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