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The 85 Steps

By MikeE on Tuesday, 3rd November 2009 5:02am
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Outside our niche of Vegas enthusiasts, and as was thoroughly discussed in the latest Vegas Gang podcast, there's little hype on ARIA and CityCenter in general despite its quickly approaching opening. I mean, besides all the cool room features and touches we keep reading about, this place is employing 12,000 people in a city hit harder by the recession than any other in the US. Any way you look at it, it's kind of a big deal.

But at last, Vdara has turned up the marketing machine a couple notches with their latest ad that I came across in the November/December 2009 issue of Departures magazine.

Vdara 85 Steps

And zoomed in:

Vdara 85 Steps

The first page reads, "85 steps away from the most famous Strip of bright lights, casinos, and entertainment on earth. And the same number back to escape from it all."

So, you couldn't find any other way to market a failed condo tower than to boast about its convenience to the strip, huh? Isn't your very own Mandarin Oriental supposed to cover the "tranquility in the heart of Las Vegas" market? And 85 steps? Really? Just eyeing a satellite image shows a length from the edge of Vdara to LV Boulevard about the length of Bellagio's lake which, unless you're wearing moon shoes, can't possibly be done in 85 steps.

Vdara 85 steps

You can be sure I'll be challenging this claim in December and capturing it all on video. I'm 6'1". If it's 85 or fewer, I'll spend a night at Circus Circus or Excalibur.


[ Lets amp this up a little... whomever guesses the exact number of steps from Vdara to the lights baubles and bullshit gets to choose where Mike stays.

Exact guess: will stay and review whatever property reader wishes.
No matches, but under 85: Circus or Excal.
No matches, over 85: In the clear. - Ed ]

Mike adds: Let's keep the hotel I must review at a reasonable cost. I want to see a review of The Mansion as a feature here as much as the next guy, but I don't quite have the means right now. Also, readers may only submit one guess. More than one guess is an automatic disqualification. Submissions after November 30th will not be accepted.



Comments & Discussion:

The building i live in has a sign outside the sales office that says "20 steps from home to coffee." They undershot it by 70%.

I'm going with 174.

85 Steps to lights, slots. I'm guessing its 85 steps to either Bellagio or Aria, not the actual strip itself. The excitement of the strip, could be considered major strip hotels, to which Bellagio and Aria, would fall into.

Brian, I considered that notion. When they say "Strip" in the ad, I'm pretty damn sure they're referring to LVB, but if they're not, then they'd be giving the negative connotation that Bellagio and Aria are a madhouse (not that that's far from the truth).

I'm just freaked out by the underline that looks like it's heading towards/emanating from that dude's nose.

You're 6'1? No way, I don't feel uncomfortably short around you.

Neat article though. I saw the ad and was like "what does Vdara have to do with lips and aviator glasses?" It looks like a case of a design student's orgasm.

527 steps from the closest public entrance of Vdara to the LVB sidewalk (probably near the Cosmo entrance).

318 steps from front entrance to Strip.

I'll guess 201 steps from Vdara to LV Boulevard.

246 is my count


Pure guess... 210

313, to the LVB of course, and I think you'll be staying at the El Co!

After thinking on this, i'm pretty sure the 85 steps was from Vdara to Aria's entrance. MGM considers Aria an on-strip property (only with a long driveway). Also, it would take way more than 85 steps to cut through the back of Bellagio just to get to the entrance.

Can you even walk directly from Vdara east on Harmon the entire length of Cosmo to LVB? It looks like Harmon goes through some elevation changes (underground?). You might be forced to walk to Aria first or cut through Crystals.

I'll go with 412 steps after 5 or so cocktails.....

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