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Time To Review Tourist Safety Tips!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd November 2009 4:44am
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Let's take this moment to review some basic tourist safety tips, courtesy of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and Magician Lance Burton (version 3.2, way previous the to the current Criss Angel botoxalike version 7.3 currently being advertised.)

LVMPD tourist safety video (ripped from VHS ftw!).

I love the way they hung that tissue on MGM Grand placard to block out the MGM Grand lion logo. The didn't cover the ones on the door jambs though.

Someone - anyone - please steal the decor! My eyes!

Seriously though, there are some good safety tips on page two of the PDF. My personal favorite:

Unpack your belongings and place them in a closet or drawer.

It is much easier for a burglar to make off with all your stuff if all your stuff is still in/around your luggage.

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, report that person to hotel security or the front desk.

Rrrrrring. Rrrrrring. Rrrrrring.

"Front desk, this is Julie speaking how may I help you.

"There is a man in the casino and he's making me feel uncomfortable."

"Can you describe this man?"

"Mid 30s. Black hair. Looks like he stole his wardrobe from Nikki Sixx and haircut from Tommy Lee. Wearing a coupla chains around his neck, one of which is an 'Anarchy' symbol."


Imagine how much fun it would be if we - as a group - started prank phone calling Luxor every day, non-stop, like a bunch of Howard Stern wackjobs? How AWESOME would that be.



Comments & Discussion:

I love this video. Who sticks their valuables under a mattress in a hotel room that has a working safe?
Why does this old man keep following this one guy around to steal his stuff? I liked how he knew exactly what room the guy was staying in at MGM Grand. These videos are great, it's like watching the tourist information channel.

Ha ha. Did the poor guy have anything left?

How polictically incorrect is that video, after all, having White people rip off a Black person. Isn't that stereotyping at the worst?

People probably stick stuff under the mattress instead of the safe because some hotels charge a fee to use the in-room safe.

I think I ought to call the Luxor and have them page a Mr. Bob A Buie......

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