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Trippies 2009 Is Open For Nominations

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th October 2009 2:42am
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Ladies and gentlemen the 2009 Trippies : Best and Worst of Las Vegas Readers Poll Awards is now accepting nominations.

You'll notice that we've completely redone the categories and reinvented the way this whole thing is done. This is - by far - the leanest, meanest and smartest version of Trippies yet.

The biggest change is that the overall Best and Worst categories will not be voted on directly, but instead culled from total number of votes each property receivesl.

We've inducted Circus Circus into The Trippies Hall of Shame for the dubious honor winning nearly every "Worst" category over the past four years. Any property that enters the Hall of Shame will become ineligible to win further "Worst" awards until it wins a "Best" award.

We highly suggest printing out your ballot and working on it offline wrapped in a bear skin rug by the fireplace with a glass of coke and a line of wine. Nude.

Enough of my yappin... let's boogie.



Comments & Discussion:


I have to ask that you extend the nomination period until at least the end of the weekend (11/15). I arrive in Vegas for my annual vacation on 11/12, one day AFTER the current nomination closing, so if the date isn't extended then I will have to make nominations based on last year's visit and not the current Vegas. So please extend the nominations till at least the end of that week..... Please.

Question: Since this is a nomination process, shouldn't we have the ability to nominate places not on your lists? For example, I don't see the either of the Cannery resorts or Arizonia Charlies or countless other off strip resorts listed in the off strip categories. So how do we nominate these places? If we can't nominate them then this isn't a true nomination process but a pre-vote voting.

I promise I won't nominate the Sign Carrying Jesus Freak on Fremont Street for "best show".....

There should be a category for the Best and Worst Vegascentric Web Sites

Why is there no Worst for the Internet Category. There needs to be a Worst for these, like Worst Casino Web Site

Wild Wild West is missing.
Are these new categories set in stone? How about adding a comment block for suggestions. e.g. categories for different types of pools: european, kids, pool party; separate downtown/strip/locals categories; most likely place to see vice; next property to close/open;
You need a category that Circus at least has a chance to win: best rides?, most themed?, accepts pets?

Thank you so much for creating the Hall of Shame. It got so annoying every year seeing CC in the Worst categories, it took away a lot of the fun because most people just threw that place in there just because of it's reputation and not knowing any better. It will be interesting to see which properties get included in those categories now that the scapegoat is removed. I'm not a CC fan in any way, but I really do think that there are other casinos that are more well-deserved of the Worst of.

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