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Help Us Solve ARIA's Identity Crisis

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 26th October 2009 5:06pm
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After spending almost $10B and leveraging their company to the hilt one would think that the marketing campaign touting ARIA's grand opening would have started by now. Nope, which is kinda odd since the openingof ARIA is now within the standard 45-60 day advance booking window.

It is high time to get this shit in gear. When I mention "ARIA" to my Vegas aficionado friends, a large chunk of them say "what's ARIA?" To which I reply... "you don't read VT first thing in the morning every day on your Twitter and RSS feed readers, you a-hole?" "y'know that big huge thing they're building between Monte Carlo and Bellagio? That thing. The casino inside that thing is called ARIA." A response usually met with blank head nods of a person more interested in fingering their iPhone.

It's obvious that ARIA has an identity crisis - MGM Mirage PR honcho punted both times I asked for a sound bite at The Palooza - who better solve it than the smartest Vegas lovers on the planet: YOUSE GUYS.

ARIA: Remember to Breathe

Surely, we can do a helluva lot better than "Remember to Breathe" right?

I'll get things started with a coupla of my own:

ARIA: The Big Blue Thing Next To Monte Carlo
ARIA: The Home Of Elvis and the Ancient Greeks, Find Yourself A City Within A City To Live In
A.R.I.A.: Architectural Renderings In Action
A.R.I.A.: A Resort In Arrears
Remember To Use Your Players Club for Comps and Bonuses
Burgerpipe Is Still Closed
Kinda like MGM Grand, but minus all that MGM Grand stuff
Be thankful we didn't call it Veerharvdariaental
A modern resort. ARIA.

Let 'er rip!



Comments & Discussion:

"All the warmth of an airport. ARIA"

ARIA: Vegas Distilled.

Aria: Whoops!

Aria: We are the stop on the tram between Monte Carlo and Bellagio

Eh, who can say. Wynnsie made a commercial for Encore and almost all of the tourists I talk to don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I mention it.

Aria: "If glass had wings!"

Aria-The Economy is gonna bounce back anytime now

Aria: So good, you demand a Da Capo.

Unnnffffh....Cum to Aria*

*not affiliated with The Aryan Nation prison gang

ARIA: Nothing to de-theme here.

The PR for Aria was really a let down. I mentioned Aria to a friend today and the response "That's the one with the balconies, right?" I said yeah that's the one..

Aria: The building behind the tilted towers.

ARIA - Because KERKORIA Just Doesn't Have The Same Ring

ARIA: The Center of CityCenter

apparently..some of my friends can't tell the difference between CityCenter and ARIA...

ARIA: Because personality and creativity are so outdated.

ARIA: Yes it does look like the downtown of every other major city.

ARIA: We couldn't think up a theme so we decided on "skyscraper."

ARIA: MGM's designers need to quit taking acid before they think up ideas for hotel designs.

ARIA: The crushing malaise of your suburban office park- now with KENO!

ARIA: Any Random Insurance Agency building.

ARIA: Kayakity yak, don't talk back.

ARIA: Anticipate Room Incentives Anytime now.

Aria: We looked at Bellagio and said, "We'll just build the same thing, but more modern."

ARIA: Remember to breathe, but try not to yawn.

ARIA: Teach your kids about green, sustainable environments by losing their college funds on our blackjack tables made from recycled tires.

ARIA: MGM/Mirage's big mistake

ARIA: The newest place on the Strip to over pay for a hotel room, eat overpriced food, and lose your money. Y'all come now, y'hear.

I do recognize that Aria's message marketing may not be in full swing, but should it be or maybe are we just a little too used to the overblown hype by Wynn and even LVS.

Not to mention that MGM hasn't opened a new resort in how many years (was joing MC the last even though it was run by MB, NYNY was another joint op, so perhaps we are looking all the way back to MGM Grand). Plus there's plenty of time to still make a marketing push for the resort. The other side of it positioned as "City Center" the goal was always something different then a resort, but rather a city within a city. I'm not sure if that's something that translates well to hype (has it ever since it's inception). Big is nice, but the real money of this place was based on the condos that they are desperately trying to close out for the place. The resort is nice, but ultimately just a small piece of the prop. Just my two cents on it.

ARIA,,,an old old wooden ship used in the Civil War Era.

I'm sure MGM doesn't give a crap about the use of an old old wooden ship on their marketing advertisements. Did you also wake up on the floor of a Japanese family's living room? J/k J/K I love that movie.

Seriously, if MGM was trying to do that whole "City within a city" thing for the residents of the various condo towers, wouldn't they put a grocery store, mini bank, maybe a daycare, and some other things in CityCenter? That way people wouldn't have to leave the complex to go do these things?
Like the WTC in NYC, it had all of that stuff, mall, grocery, bank, daycare, etc. on the bottom floors and underground so the people that worked in the buildings could use them and then just go straight home afterwards instead of stopping for food, money out of the ATM, etc. between work and home.

Aria-Our blinding show of laser lights will change your whole idea of office park architecture. In the evenings wear shades while in your room.

Rockchick, you know I did. Maybe we should call ARIA, Afternoon Delight.

@hulkstillrules will there be a special performance by Starland Vocal Band?

Nope, it'll be Ron Burgundy and the channel 4 news team. lol

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