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More ARIA Interior Renderings: Breeze Cafe and The Pool

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 26th October 2009 5:11am
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More interior renderings of ARIA have been posted to a portfolio website of one of the designers. Don't blink as they will probably be taken down once the lawyer goons send this poor chap a gently worded strong arm email, which they seem to be doing to the leakers of the stuff we link to.

There are 13 renderings in all, most of which seem to focus on the lobby and exterior of ARIA's pool deck eatery, the Breeze Cafe. Thrown in for good measure are some cabana and deck chair designs. The pool won't be open until spring 2010, so they've still got some time to finish building these.

As you'll see from the designs, this stuff is very modern and angular. The Buck Rogers "Vegas in Space" episode we posted a few years ago comes to mind, as does the The Curry Lounge episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. I'll guess that those dangling things do a little color changing.

One thing I do hope for is that the Breeze Cafe transforms itself into a nice outdoor pool deck lounge at night. Not an ootza ootza ootza lounge, but a chill... by the pool... Eastside Lounge sorta bar thingy. Not everything in Las Vegas needs to be loud.

As an added bonus, I've taken an old photo that Steve took a year or so ago from his flat in the Panorama towers and outlined some of the poolside outcroppings. Remember, all of this stuff is located on the Promenade deck (floor 2).

Hopefully, we'll be able to publish the property map soon and stop all this pussyfooting around. Until then... meroooowww.

ARIA las vegas pool deck

The opening for the Breeze cafe lines up with the sunroof on the other side of the tower, which rains sunlight onto the area which Jean Georges Steakhouse, American Fish and Sirio all spill out. This is the "axis" of east/west sunlight which bisects ARIA.

Big thanks to Mac78130 for sending the link/tip!



Comments & Discussion:

Coolest. Cabanas. EVER!

Speaking of "Vegas in Space," I'm preparing the syllabus for a class on depictions of gambling in literature and film. I'm planning to show that episode as part of the class.

And Star Trek: TNG's "The Royale," unless someone can think of a better casino/gambling episode. Maybe "Cause and Effect?" "The Royale" is pretty awful.


What about the episode in the original Battlestar Galactica where they find a casino operating on a remote planet. Everybody wins at the Casino and the people are secretly taken to lower levels where the Cylons have their way with them.

I agree with MikeE, the whole pool area looks cool especially the cabanas

Maybe I'll actually visit this pool.

Props for Kitchen Nightmares mention.

The renderings are still up... I'm surprised...

Modernism is not my style but this place is definitely looking unique. I wonder whether some of these designs will hold up with time. Will they look gimmicky and overdone ten years from now?? My favorite design is still the Bellagio but this place will be interesting to see.

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