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The Best (Worst) of Vegas Douchebaggery, Episode 2

By MikeE on Saturday, 24th October 2009 1:12am
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Some of you may recall Episode 1 of our little series where we tore into a party of Ed Hard-ons occupying a Salon suite at Wynn. Until Jon Gosselin hosts his own in-room man orgy, that level of douchiness will be hard to top. For now, I give you the next best thing: the single most self-indulgent review on Yelp.

"Tony K." begins with, "OK, I do not mean to sound snooty..." before bombarding us at a third grade language level with little insight on his beloved Caesars Palace. Consider learning how to spell the hotel's name first, tool.

Do we get a real picture of Caesars? The service? Design? General amenities? No, but what we do get is his false sense of importance as he shares his exploits on a room old enough to list its use of asbestos as a luxurious amenity. Oh, and thanks for pretty much giving us your lame itinerary. You get extra chode points for using the word "frolicking," but I think you left out the part about buying rooficoladas to any frame of limbs sporting a rack.

Nice review, mangina.



Comments & Discussion:

These review sites need to add a spell check option. I counted no less than 5 misspellings in that post.

I think it's probably safe to assume that this guy was using Internet Explorer, as if he was using Firefox, there wouldn't have been as many spelling errors (unless he's too dumb to realize why some words had a red line under them).

Makes me wonder how a person who has so much trouble spelling and punctuating can afford a suite at Caesar's.

Or the whole post could just be fake. Him bored at work one day trying to be cool. People do lie. But the fact remains, he's a douche.
But seriously, yeah, I think I'd rather stay in an Augustus tower room over any suite in the Centurion tower.

What's a roofalin?
You are the worst drug dealer I've ever met!

Is this an advertisement? It has that same barely coherent d-baggishness as the Palms advert over on the board.

Him repeatedly mentioning how hard he works in order to afford his 'lifestyle', and his grammar school dropout English skills, make me think he's a non-stop telemarketer on crank.

I looked at his other reviews and was shocked to find a review of a greasy spoon two blocks from where I live. Even though he wrote it before I moved here, I am officially scared that my neighborhood has been infested with douchebaggery.

Maybe this is the same guy who posted on the board about his 21st at the Palms

Dang, I loves me some toast points, fruit, chardonnay and confident ladies!

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