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BakerEats: Mad Greek Milkshakes

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 22nd October 2009 2:19pm
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Driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles is awesome!

The first two or three times you do it. After that, it sucks. Big honkin donkey balls. Like whoa. Leave on Friday during rush hour and it can take upwards of three hours and two pee breaks just to get to the friggin 15 freeway. Tack on to that the traffic jam between Glen Helen and Victorville, then the tire melting summer heat and your excitement to hit the ground running in Vegas turns into stoned silence, "Swingers" style.

The home stretch starts just past Baker, with the slow journey up and over the 4000 ft elevation mountain that will eventually spill right over the Nevada state line. For such a journey, preparations are essential : Milkshakes from the Mad Greek Cafe.

Mad Greek Milkshakes

The Mad Greek is worth stopping into just to take a look at the kooky decor or stuff a gyro and fries down your gullet, but the real winner here is the fresh Strawberry Milkshakes, easily attained through the drive through window. In addition to Strawberry, Mad Greek offers Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla and Date shakes.

I ordered a Strawberry/Banana combo, which was made from Vanilla Ice Cream, milk and pureed bananas and strawberries. It came with a straw, long spoon and a paper umbrella. Vegas may be another 100 miles away, but somehow a little piece of it is in Baker.



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For those of us not making the drive from Lipstick City, they've got a location in the shopping center across DI from Wynncore.


The Mad Greek is a longtime favorite, as are the strawberry and date shakes. Everything is wildly overpriced, but it's the best option in town for sure, and way better than anything you'll get in Primm, IMHO.

If you want to stop somewhere for an extended meal, I suggest DiNapoli's Firehouse on East Main Street in Barstow. It will totally wreck your driving time, but it's good food and everyone's friendly.

Chuck, how about an "I-15 Tripping" sub-site?

It's totally expensive. I think a large shake was roughl $7. That said, delicious. We could not recall the other flavors but there's a decent selection.

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