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P-Ho Sues Over Damage Caused By Building Wrap Ad

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 16th October 2009 4:39am
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I hate nearly every building wrap advertisement. The LOVE wrap at Mirage, the gigantic Jack Daniels bottle on the side of Rio, Donny & Marie's teeth, Toni Braxton's cooch, Criss Angel, Hairspray, the photography cross hairs... all of these really cheapened their respective joints. Even Mandarin Oriental - which won't open until early December - got a "We 'Fan' Vegas" self promotional wrap. Why not just make the sign on top larger?

There are occasional instances where a building wrap looks awesome - Penn & Teller's and Prince's wraps at Rio come to mind.

In addition to hurting our eyes, one building wrap has actually hurt the building it was attached to. Planet Hollywood is suing an insurance company who is refusing to pay them for damage P-Ho claims was caused by a Resident Evil: Extinction building wrap.

Ow! My eyes! They've been blinded by Donny & Marie's choppers! Send me $60/week for medical marijuana $90/week for the really good eye medicine!

Perhaps the real kicker is that Resident Evil: Extinction took place in zombie infested ruins of Las Vegas!



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I've always thought those wraps look terrible and cheap. I wish they were all taken down.
Up the Irons!

It's bad enough seeing buses and cabs wrapped in ads, whole buildings is another story indeed. Here in Atlanta, the owners of an old empty office building has allowed Holiday Inn to cover each side of the building (two of the four sides are easily seen from the interstate) with a giant ad promoting Holiday Inn's rebranding/new look. When they first put them up, it led folks to believe that this building was being renovated into a Holiday Inn. Downright tacky.

I bowed down before the giant bottle of Jack Daniels then tried to drink enuff to fill it one night...... in the morning I was going to sue the manufacturer of the wrap for my hangover!

In 2004, when Van Hagar played the Orleans, they oddly wrapped what was then Barbary Coast with a giant Frankenstrat-striped banner. It was very cool. Several months after the tour, the enormous banner showed up on ebay, and I bid on it. The guy running the auction sent me an e-mail asking what I intended to do with it, and when I told him I had no idea, he advised that it was roughly the size of a football field and that he'd be glad to cancel my bid for me. I let him.

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