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CityCenter Opening Details Emerge

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 15th October 2009 2:44am
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MGM Mirage spokesmouth Alan Feldman (who, unfortunately, had to cancel his appearance at Podcast-A-Palooza with the VegasGang) chatted with local newsies KVBC about some of the plans for the opening of CityCenter.

Cocktails! Fireworks! Cirque du Soleil! Cocaine! The Sheiks of Dubai! Kirk Kerkorian! Cocaine! Elvis! Oh and "the most amazing part is the property itself!" Wait, there's a property? I thought all this hullabaloo was about which of the Kuntrashians was going to flash their snatches at the photogs on the red carpet!

One thing is for damned sure... the opening of ARIA is going to be truly insane. Unless Perez Hilton is there. That guy is a buzz kill.



Comments & Discussion:

IMOP, they should be opening Aria first and then follow with Vdara and Crystals. What are the 1600 people staying at Vdara from Dec. 2-15 going to do? They can't all eat at the same lobby restaurant and bar. I assume there will be some path for them to walk into the back of Bellagio.

The MO opening should be ok, since guests aren't expecting a casino and can always walk next door to MC.

I agree about Vdara. A massive hotel in the back of the complex, unless the tram is operational, will leave a lot of people fighting through a mall to get out of their hotel, and as much as I hate Caesars, modern architecture can't improve the idea.

Opening Crystals on the other hand does make sense. I've heard a rumored black friday opening from a Wynn host, reinforced by a Bellagio dealer. It would give a chance for the public to have a destination between Bellagio and Monte Carlo by foot, and by tram if its working, and will allow people to get an idea of the internal scale and design that is driving CityCenter.

As for the rest, Vdara, MO, and Aria should open concurrently, but then again, I'm no party planner.

I live fairly near to City Center, and can report that the trams are running now, at least in some capacity. I saw them running from the Bellagio station for a couple of hours yesterday (Saturday), so they must be testing them. It was pretty cool to see those up and running again, since they removed them from service before they started City Center.

I got an offer via email today for Vdara at $129/night with a $50 resort credit for a 2 night stay.

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