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Who Is Older Steve Wynn Or Ronnie James Dio?

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 14th October 2009 5:16am
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I'm reasonably confident that most people wrestle with one simple question when they arise on a Wednesday morning... who is older Steve Wynn or Ronnie James Dio? Go ahead, place your mental bet (and don't go googling for the answer, lets keep this real) Dio or Wynn, who is older and by how much. When faced with this question, my first thought was that Wynn was older by a stack of years, probably about 10 of em. Without cheating, I know that Steve Wynn was born in 1942, making him ~ 67 years old. Dio, I have no idea.

Ronnie James Dio, lead singer of Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and DIO. The man who did more than simply replace Ozzy Osbourne as Sabbath front man, he made us glad we were rid of Ozzy's drunk ass yelping (ever listen to Never Say Die? Yikes!) The man who married metal and the hook 'em horns hand symbol, the malocchio or evil eye or dead horses. The man responsible for getting more men to sing songs about rainbows than Dorothy or Kermit ever did. The man who gave Dungeons and Dragons the proper soundtrack OR metal its first proper mythology.

I did it. I checked and my guess was right, yet shockingly close. Steve Wynn is older than Ronnie James Dio, a smidge shy of six months. What's even weirder, both of them moved to suburbs of Syracuse in central New York - Dio in Cortland, Wynn to Utica, 80 miles away from each other going the long way around. But the similarities didn't really stop there.

Of course, being a complete dorque, I HAD to make a stupid flow chart of the lives of Dio and Wynn and pit them up against each other like comparing two hotel deals. Like I've got nothing else to do, right? Prepare for the Podcast-A-Palooza? Finish up this supremely strange review of Bellagio I've been working on for two months? Figure out which LVA pocket full o' uselessness I'm going to forget to use this weekend?

\m/_ _\m/

Fortunately, I am well aware that EVERYONE who reads VegasTripping is either a huge Steve Wynn or Ronnie James Dio fan. We rock.

Wynn or Dio

Choice Dio on iTunes:
Ronnie Dio and The Prophets - Gonna Make It Alone / Swingin Street (1958)
Ronnie Dio Mr. Misery / Our Year (1959)
ELF, check out "Gambler Gambler" (1972)
Rainbow check out "Man on The Silver Mountain" (1975)
DIO The Last In Line (1984)
DIO Holy Diver (1983)
Queensryche The Chase (Operation Mindcrime II 2006)
Heaven and Hell The Mob Rules (Live) (2007)
Heaven and Hell The Devil Cried (2009)

Coming next week: Who is older Venetian owner Sheldon Adelson or the Loch Ness Monster?



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Genius. I am so glad I found this Vegas sight. You combined two of my passions in life...Vegas and Metal. Who would have thought Dio and Wynn are two of the same.
If your circle stays unbroken, then you're a lucky man, 'cause it never, never has for me.
Up the Irons!!!

Best. Post. Ever.

thanks guys. at least three of us thought this was funny. :P

Most impressed with your geek research. I LOVE Dio....I bet he doesn't do Botox either......

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