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El Cortez Changes Name And Redesigns Website

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 9th October 2009 3:54am
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The state of the El Cortez website has been a running gag here for about five years - much to the chagrin of longtime VT reader Atltrainman, who continually calls us dicklords for making fun of every version of their hot mess of http-ness.

Well I guess this time the joke really is on us. The El Cortez has completely redesigned and rebranded its hotel/website and gosh darn it it looks... professional, appealing even. Hope this doesn't mean we'll have to pay more than $20/night to stay there.

Gone are the scrolling marquee navigations and blinkypoo G-A-M-B-L-I-N-G side bar (which - if done with style and panache would've been awesome) and replaced by "eC" the hip new name for El Cortez.

If there is one complaint to be had - other than the handful of spelling errors in the flash graphics - it is the supporting role the actual information plays to the fancy ass flash graphics on the page. Yeah, I understand wanting to jam that eC logo into our brains, the need to make good use of the flashy whoopdidoo, the generous use of stock images and all that other hoo har, but put the info where I can read it, not 800 pixels below the bottom of the screen.

Fortunately for us, some things don't change : The Flame Steakhouse still has the Walleye Pike ($17.95).

Check out the brand new http://www.ecvegas.com. Big thanks to Vespajet for the tip off!



Comments & Discussion:

ec? ec? What the hell is ec? elCo I could maybe understand, but not using a 1950's brand of comic books. Why these Downtown joints think a nickname makes them "hip" is beyond me. I don't know anyone who said the Las Vegas Club got "hip" when they shortened the name to the Vegas Club.

I agree with Jeff, elCo would have been better than eC. A true nickname needs to develop naturally over time. It can't be manufactured.

In only tangentially related news, the UFL(United Football League) played their first game last night and the LV Locomotives are already being referred to as the Locos. I almost think they never had any intention of using the whole name and wanted to go with (the less politically correct) Locos from the start.

Chuck, so nice of you to remember me. So when are you going to update this web site with some of your expert design experience? First thing should be to corral all of the ads into one area of the screen, so as not to make the pages look so busy and disjointed.

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