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Will Bill's Ever Make the Switch?

By MikeE on Friday, 9th October 2009 2:54am
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Way back when Harrah's had more money than Oprah and became the strip Yin of MGM Mirage's Yang, immediate speculation began about the future of Barbary Coast and north up through Harrah's casino. Those darn city-within-a-city complexes were all the rage, after all...

While Harrah's wasted no time converting everyone over to Total Rewards, the pathetically charming Barbary Coast - surely the first on the leveling agenda - wasn't worthy of playing with the others. A name change over to Bill's and a separate, half-assed player's club that just screamed "Temporary Until Further Notice" came to fruition.

Now with "further notice" and scrapped ideas among us, Bill's has a solid position with prime real estate and several more years likely in its future. Nevertheless, Harrah's is stuck with the same half-assed player's club they established. I even recently noticed that they've started their own "Diamond Card" which only seems to further delay the inevitable conversion.

Let me get this straight: there are actually people out there that put 11,000 points per year on their card at Bill's only to be granted the privilege of using Flamingo's Diamond lounge? Do they not realize that for the same amount of play, there are massive networks of significantly nicer casinos offering the same or even better perks?

C'mon Harrah's. Let your one casino that has some semblance of old-school charm join its older Total Rewards brethren.



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From what I'd heard once (Vegas Gang?), either Gary Loveman or somebody else of equally considerable juice inside Harrsars has such a bone to pick with Bill's for being an annoying dumpy little shack that they'd sooner blow the place up even if they had nothing to put there except maybe a Flamingo VIP lot.

It still pays it's bills regardless of how they discourage business there, so until they can come up with a use for such a small piece of property that will make money, there it sits. My guess is it comes down so that the Project LINK street fair can wrap around the Flamingo.

which goes first, ballys or bills? i say ballys.

How do I get a job with those people that blow up casinos? I want to do that. Get angry and blow shit up.

Hey on the other hand, don't diss Bill's to bad, they're the only place in town that has 80's suites - red walls, black lacquer furniture, black jacuzzi, black leather furniture. Only thing missing is hookers and cocaine, both of which are readily available in Las Vegas. You can have an entire Miami Vice dream at Bill's.

I agree completely. I often wander into Bill's on my strip walks through the Harrah's properties and ask every time whether they accept Total Rewards yet.

I have to believe there is some sort of tax or business reason they haven't converted. Bill's is better than several of Harrah's other (regional) properties.

Isn't Circus Circus the same situation with MGM?

Speaking of Circus Circus, around thhe beginning of July they re-branded Slots A Fun under the Circus Circus umbrella and when I was back there in August they had ti-to and replaced the legendary half pound hot dog with a foot long hot dog. Any other changes there?

Remember, the Impotent Palace for a few years after Harrah's purchased it was treated like a redheaded stepchild as well.

I'm guessing that the original plans for Bill's went out the window along with most of the original redevelopment/improvements for Harrah's stretch of Strip.

Bill's is going to be history at some point, but the big question is when. In some respects, they ought to turn it into a boutique hotel (perhaps even going as far as to convert the casino floor into retail and restaurant space) extension of the Flamingo.

Circus Circus in Las Vegas is not the only MGM Mirage property that is not part of the MGM Mirage Players Club program. Railroad Pass in Henderson, Silver Legacy in Reno, Circus Circus in Reno, and Gold Strike in Jean are not part of it either.

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