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The Best (Worst) of Vegas Douchebaggery, Episode 1

By MikeE on Tuesday, 6th October 2009 2:52am
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You hear about it on Five Hundy, you read about it everywhere, and if you've stepped foot in Las Vegas over the last year, you've had the misfortune of experiencing it.

I'm talking about douches. Chodes. Walking, talking taints filling Salon suites at "The Wynn" with so much testosterone, prisons can hardly compete.

It's the mission of what I hope to be a semi-regular column to make aware and tear apart these idiots by exposing their tweets, YouTube videos, etc. Consider the two-sizes-too-small-Ed-Hardy-crowd warned.

We begin with these dicklords. I haven't seen so much sausage in one place since celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich. And can you really come up with more phrases than "This is my boy," and "This is how we roll." I mean, really, does anybody want to "roll" like this? 1900 square feet divided by 20 people equals less luxury than an hourly motel room. Imagine them actually inviting visitors from the nightclub back to their rooms.

"Guuuurrrl, you likin' my suite at Tha Wynn?"

"Not when I have to dodge dudes in jerseys sleeping on the floor."

"Hey, don't be talking shit on ma boy, Ardi!"

V.I.P.? Hardly. You F.A.I.L. Careful not to drop the soap, fellas.



Comments & Discussion:

Wow. A true sign of everything wrong with who Vegas is trying to market to. Do casinos actually think this is the clientele that will bring back loyal dollars?

BTW, I visited the Blue Moon Resort back in August and there wasn't nearly as much skin or man-on-man action as what I saw in this video.

I hope that the Wynn housekeeping staff sterilized that suite after those guests. They way they rolled, you never know what sort of contaminations were made to every surface in the place.

Gives new meaning to the term "mancave."

so how do they decide who gets the bed, or who shares the bed, do they man wrestle..... so many questions that I do not want answers too

Disgusting!! What room connects to the Salon suite?? I'm sure those people were really annoyed.

This is going to be a good set.

As much as it annoys Hunter and Mike, I've never had a problem with "The Wynn" and so on, because it's something that goes back to Sands and Dunes, neither of which officially had a "The" but are always spoken with one regardless.

Awwww how cute! They all saved up their monies for a night at the Wynn. Good thing they got enough dudes together to afford it!

I guess Wynn doesn't state "Parties in our suites are prohibited." on their room pages like the GN does.

To me, these tools have turned this suite into a glorified frat house (Phi Beta Doucha?). These guys make me wish someone would pull the real cops/fake cops prank from Dirty Work on them.

Is that the guest you start to get when your nightclubs become the centerpiece of your resort?

And I thought the "celebretards" were going to ruin Vegas, these pillow-biters are much worse. I'm sure these 30K-a-year "millionaires" spent more at Affliction than in the casino.....dont drop moms camera, its not a good way to roll.

I made that video and those are my bros...all you nerds better stop frontin' and stop crying cause you can't to roll like I do...and you can't get into the clubs cause you ain't cool enough.

Is the new slogan for the city "Come to see the idiots?"

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