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UPDATE: Don't Worry Mandarin Oriental & Veer Have Been Fixed

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 7th October 2009 8:20pm
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Mandarin Oriental City Center

A "fixer" is someone who is hired to repair a difficult situation expeditiously and silently while saving the faces of the parties involved in the situation and leaving no trace of the fixing or the issue that was fixed.

Unless the fixer is a company - Theometrics - and they decide to uses a specific fixing as a case study for their skills on their website which has since been removed at the request of MGMMirage and Tishman Construction.

The quick and dirty: after building a coupla floors, the construction site of Mandarin Oriental and Veer towers didn't quite match what the plans said they should have. The contractors (Tishman Construction) called in Theometrics to fix it.

After the unsatisfactory completion of a number of floors in the Mandarin Oriental and Veer Towers, Tishman Construction Corporation was signed on as the interior fit-out contractor to make repairs and complete the Mandarin Oriental and Veer Towers projects within the CityCenter. In order to avoid litigation from the possibility of faulty work completed by the original contractors, Theometrics was brought in to execute Forensics and Validation Studies to verify the deviation of the actual layout from the intended layout. Theometrics was also employed to conduct Topographical Studies to verify elevation and levelness of the structure. Structural deficiencies were, in fact, identified in the constructions before additional construction proceeded, preserving Tishmanʼs reputation and allowing for the repair of the errors.

We've all heard about the construction issues at Harmon causing the height of the tower to be dramatically reduced but I don't recall any reports of construction defects at Mandarin Oriental or Veer at all.

The good news is that Theometrics fixed it.

UPDATE: MGMMirage and Tishman Construction have issued a statement to us in response to Theometrics' "case study." We've tacked it on to tend of

Clarification from Tishman Construction Corporation of Nevada:

Theometrics’ statements made in its “case study” about the structural competency of Veer and Mandarin Oriental are wholly untrue.

There were no structural deficiencies identified as a result of Theometrics’ survey work, and it was not within the scope of Theometrics’ contract to determine whether work was performed satisfactorily or not.

Theometrics’ scope of work included verifying existing conditions, including levelness, plumbness and topographical surveying. Tishman Construction Corporation of Nevada made no structural repairs as a result of the surveys or otherwise.

Theometrics has since removed the erroneous “case study” from its website and ceased all further distribution of the document.

Thanks to our eagle eye correspondent Mac78130 for the tip and CanadianCrapShooter for the excellent Mandarin Oriental photo (some of the windows open!)



Comments & Discussion:

I recall Veer had a major issue with the strength of the supporting concrete pillars. Not sure, but think they sheathed the pillars and added more rebar. Don't remember hearing about any problems at MO.

The open windows look like narrow ventilation windows on one of the top floors; maybe the restaurant.

Veer was leaning at a much more dramatic angle than originally intended, if I remember right. In the shadow of the Harmon debacle there was a Sun story on CityCenter inspections and basically everything but Vdara had some show-stopper issues, though Harmon's and Veer's were of the "holy crap call a specialist" variety. Which would explain why Veer has taken so long to top out, I suppose.

Aria and Mandarin Oriental had some safety issues you'd have to fix before you open it, but they were non-urgent things that they were able to fix in their own time.

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