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Sahara Quietly Remodels Elite Room and Caravan Suites

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 1st October 2009 1:56am
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It's no secret that Sahara's hotel room offerings are... uh... of a memorable vintage. So vintage, in fact, that they've actually started hiding photos of their rooms on their website - you'd think they would be here, but no. The Site Map proves usess as well.

But soft! Deep inside their reservation process lies a drop down menu with a javascript onChange event that triggers a document object model switcheroo wherein you, us, we - assuming your browser accepts such behavior - can take a sneaky peaky into the Sahara's new roomage.

We'll save you the trouble, unless you choose to play the hokey pokey:

Sahara Caravan Suite / Elite Room

To the left is the Sahara Elite Room, which features brand new bedding, new flat panel TVs (which Bellagio's standard rooms DO NOT HAVE!) new painting, new carpets and a whole bunch of other stuff. Pretty spiffy. Even spiffier is the price... for the weekend of the Podcast-A-Palooza, these puppies are a whopping $82/nt. Score!

To the right is the Caravan Suite, which features *GASP* hardwood floors *GASP* a full kitchen and "a strip view available nowhere else on Las Vegas Boulevard". Perhaps this is where Sahara's owner Sam Nazarian's shags those celebutants from The Hills? Whatever the function, this room can be yours for $289/wknd night.



Comments & Discussion:

We were slumming it our last trip (not quite Downtown-slumming, but close) and stayed at the Sahara. While the rooms were dated, they were clean and serviceable. We enjoyed the casino's ambiance, and as much as I hate to admit it, as neither of us chew Skoal or listen to Country, we had a blast at the NASCAR cafe.

BlackHills isn't a Skoal type of guy...he's a Grizzly....LoL. Why is it that all of those chewing tobaccos are named after something in the great northwest?

I like the Sahara's casino too. Nice and dirty. It just gives off that nice "I might need a shower after I leave here" vibe...kind of like IP.

I agree totally on the casino ambiance... Sahara draws the line there, whereas after visiting the Strat, I felt like I needed the bleach.

Yeah, what is up with the chewing tobacco naming convention? Your hypothesis holds true extrapolating outward to the obscure brands such as Hawken and Gold River, names which have Alaskan mining town stink all over them.

We need to get impressions of that Caravan Suite ASAP.

Anyone stay in one of those yet? They look pretty nice from that picture.

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