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The Buffet at ARIA Peekaboo (and more!)

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 26th September 2009 4:40am
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As ARIA's December 16th grand opening rapidly approaches, the details are slowly starting to spill out. Architectural firm Lewis, Tsurumaki, Lewis (LTL Architects) published three renderings and an interior photo (whoa!) of their contribution to the resorts interior design - the oddly named The Buffet (that's a joke son.)

The description of the work goes long on CityCenter statistics, but like any good snuff film craps game, the last seconds provide all the excitement.

The buffet encorporates an undulating ceiling canopy with integrated lighting system, offering intimate seating areas while providing views to the outdoor lounge and spa.

Hrm. By undulating do they mean that The Buffet at ARIA features decor that moves a la Switch - replacing panels of Rog Thomas' sea hag papier macheisms with transformational translucent boxes, back lit du jour? Or perhaps they mean that the shapes of those translucent boxes of ever changing lighting are set into an already wavy, permanent position.

My guess is the latter.

There are a number of interesting things to be discerned from studying these photos. The ARIA casino/resort complex (everything except the hotel towers and convention space) is crammed into a hyper-extended semi circle and spread onto three floors - street level, casino level and promenade level. Unless you visit ARIA's nightclub, Haze, or get thrown in ARIA jail for being drunk, hooking or counting cards... chances are really really high that you'll never ever see the Street Level of ARIA. Everything happens on the Casino Level and Promenade Levels. We will be describing the guts of ARIA's goodies in much more detail over coming weeks.

Now, back to the photos... The Buffet at ARIA is located on the Promenade level, with windows on two sides that look out onto ARIA's pool deck. Directly to the south is a small glass enclosed atrium which is the focal point of the entire promenade level, from this location you are steps away from the Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil theatre, the elevator entrances, a bunch of public art interior decor and the entrances to ARIA's top shelf eateries - American Fish, Sirio and Jean Georges Steakhouse.

Here's a supremely lousy 3D visualization of the area within which the Buffet finds itself:

The Buffet At ARIA

Additionally, I've attempted to locate where within The Buffet the second panel of LTL renderings is... follow the thin red lines connecting the undulating ceiling apex' in the first two renderings.

The third rendering shows that the serving stations appear to be elevated onto their own platform. A deep hard look at the floor plan (also on the LTL webpage) shows that the serving stations are on the north, west and east sides of the seating areas.

Pretty exciting stuff. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Chomp.

Huge thanks to VT uber tipster Mac78130 for uncovering the renderings. Great find!



Comments & Discussion:

Being plain is what's in don't you know!? The Buffet is better than the "Stuffed" that the Plaza came up with.

Stuffed - making overeating sexy since 2009.

If you look closely you can see where they recycled some of the design elements from their concept drawings for the SPA at the Vegas 888 condo tower (which is a dead project). http://ltlwork.net/pages/portfolio/projects/vegas.html

Because of your finisher they're going to name this buffet "Chomp". :(

But seriously, I laughed at the line about backlit boxes.

If they're going to leak the info they should at least get the casino info right. It's the Aria buffet not the CityCenter buffet, get it right LTL!!
Steve-o wouldn't let this sort of thing happen.

From these drawings the place doesn't look bad despite the generic name. I will have to check this out when I head back to Vegas.

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