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Feds Cough Up $45M To Study Vegas To L.A. Train

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th September 2009 12:37pm
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The U.S. Federal government has finally ponied up the $45 million bucks they promised to study and do environmental testing for the proposed Las Vegas -> Los Angeles (actually Anaheim, home of Disneyland) Maglev train.

The first phase of the train will go from Vegas to Primm. Useless. The other phases will go from the Nevada/California border to Anaheim.

Prediction: Nevada will build their phase and California won't build theirs... which will be a damn shame. Imagine how much fun a 90 minute high-speed party train to Vegas would be! Throwing dice down the aisles, playing poker in the dining car... cocktails! Dining! Dancing! The party starts the second you LEAVE!

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They've been trying to do a high speed rail here in FL forever to connect Orlando to Tampa (so the tourists that go to Disney World can also get on the train and go to the beach). It'll take forever for anyone to do anything. Believe me.

Nevada should build their side and only go to the border. Have it stop and let everyone else out in the middle of the desert. "Ok everyone get out! In 5 years the California train will come get you."

No no, the Nevada side is more fucked than you predict.

There's two competing trains, the Maglev that is being studied here and a private train to Victorville that has the actual political support by the local power players. This $45m is a coup to the Maglev which was figured to be run off the rails (so to speak) when Harry Reid switched sides to the DesertXPress to Nowhere (or Victorville, but what difference.)

Given that Nevada has a bunch of Tiny Government Libertarian types who feel that the Free Market has a solution for absolutely everything, they would much prefer the DXP (even though it's brought to you by some of the same braintrust as the Las Vegas Monorail) because it means NUNNA MAW GOVUHMINT STEALIN MAW MONAY.

Nevermind that effectively no transportation system has worked without public subsidies in some fashion.

Nevermind that transportation will be the growing crisis of the Valley whenever oil is scarce (for reasons either practical or political) and travelling out to a lone city in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but empty land becomes more and more unreasonable.

Nevermind that getting people out into our particular middle of nowhere is the only way anyone can live here in the first place and thus it makes a little bit of sense to fund ways for outsiders to come visit.

We will never be able to understand why we should have something like this because the people who live here (the same people in Summerlin who complained about the airport noise a few years ago) don't understand their city itself. They need to understand that Vegas Tourism is what allows them to live here, not the other way around.

Also: "The first phase of the train will go from Vegas to Primm. Useless."

As Ivanpah Airport is supposed to be out there and take international flights and maybe even a few domestics along with all the cargo flights, freeing up the jammed McCarran, a train stop in Primm isn't useless. Assuming that air traffic to McCarran doesn't keep falling to the point where Ivanpah isn't needed anymore.

The Ontario, CA (or somewhere else, I forgot) stop on the way back is a bit more useless, I'd think.

I'm all for for diversified transport and rail, when it works. problem is... you're trying to link 2 cities with infrastructure built around automobile transport. If they make it terminate very close to the strip, or maybe south strip... it would be a real option for many. Problem is, they probably will only be able to get it to some far off spot outside of town, and then you'll have to take a shuttle or cab. Factor in the costs of that, the train ticket, and maybe even parking at the station... and you're probably looking at more money and more hassle taking the train versus just hopping in your car and going from A to B. They'd be better off working with the LVCVA and create some sort of luxury coach service subsidized by the casinos/hotels or something like that.

speaking of ivanpah - any news recently about it? is it still on track? i know that LAS's traffic has to be in decline due to the economy, but another airport in the area would be a very smart long-term goal.

as for the summerlin idiots complaining about noise - sorry. You build near an airport, you have no right to complain about the noise.

brent: The Station would be somewhere near the airport just south of the Strip, I'd imagine.

The Anaheim station would be hooked up with Metrolink for connections all over LA, Amtrak to San Diego (Pacific Surfliner), and someday in the distant future, the California High-Speed Rail project.

On the Vegas end, the RTC would happily provide bus services, and the SkyLofts and their contemporaries who provide complimentary transportation would, too. Their tourist-focused routes are profitable and subsidize the less stable residential bus service, they've been trying to avoid it for a few years but starting with The Deuce they've been quite forward in targeting tourists.

Anything to get us away from these cab companies (and their unions.) The cab racket makes even the strip clubs blush!

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