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Mirage Makes No Secret About Their Creme de la Creme of Accommodations

By MikeE on Thursday, 10th September 2009 12:07pm
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Exclusivity doesn't pay when you're in a recession. It used to be that casinos made no show of their ultra high-end room product - no mention on their website, no signage anywhere in the resort, etc. Try calling Wynn and ask about their Villas. They'll give you the whole spiel on their terraces with golf course views. But interrupt them and ask them about their *real* villas, and they pretend (or maybe truly don't know) that they exist. Same story with Aria's Sky Suites and most other ultra deluxe offerings.

It's not that you couldn't book them before, but now Mirage is making no secret about their mini mansions out back and has dedicated an entire site to their Villas. Perhaps the first überaccommodations in town, these beauties were home to many of Las Vegas' urban myths in the early nineties - Michael Jackson took residence for weeks at a time in them and "Nick Papagiorgio" was upgraded to one of the smaller Lanais after a hot craps roll in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation. It's been said that Wynn opened Mirage with only the six Lanais and started constructing the Villas shortly after seeing the surprising number of 7-figure credit lines signed up at his resort.

Perhaps the first example of Roger Thomas' decorative virtuosity, it's interesting to note that they still look the same after nearly 20 years - MGM Mirage won't dare "contemporize" these beauties.

If you've got the mortgage payment on a very, very nice house to toss around for the night, consider Mirage's Villas for your next trip. Until then, be like me and salivate at the floor plans.



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The villas look pretty sweet. I don't know why properties ever felt the need to hide their best rooms away from the public. Aside from security concerns, they should be trumpeting that they have these great rooms.

I think there are 3 reasons why such rooms are now being publicized. First, occupancy rates have probably dropped and they might be able to rent them out. Second, as a property loses its luster, this is a way for them to tout they still have fantastic rooms. Third, they are just catching on to this web thing and how easy it is to post nice pictures of their accomodations.

Stunning. Too bad the website is in Flash.

This is really creepy, because I JUST checked into the Mirage 6 hours ago and asked the extremely helpful check-in lady about the villas. She said to ask the casino about how to get invited into them and that she had never seen the inside of the suites. Guess I better head down to the casino and donate some money to them to get me closer to one of those beauties.

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