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Trop: Can They Fix It?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 28th August 2009 2:10pm
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Tropicana Executive Team

If your stay at the Trop sucks... blame them.

Hot on the heels of unleashing their new logo and branding to the world, the Tropicana has introduced the team charged with restoring glow to the Tiffany on the Strip.

The new Trop crew has about $100M to spend on upgrading and refurbishing its hotel, dining, entertainment and casino offerings... a pretty tall order indeed. Here's my amateur hour pencil:

Refurb ~1900 rooms at +/- 10k/room: $20M (conservative)
New carpet, paint, decor throughout: $20M
New restaurants, chefs, menus, employee training: $15M
New branding, signage & PR materials: $5M
New uniforms/chips/machines/tables: $8M
Refurb pool area: $3M

This is a pretty conservative estimate that tallys up to about $90M right there. Throw in a coupla limos, a thorough cleaning/restoration of the tiffany glass ceiling and complete redux of the 100+ suites and minisuites and the other $10M can be kissed g'byebye.

It's not really the specific figures that matter, its the scope of what the new Trop team wishes to accomplish on a very limited budget. I'm very very curious how this will progress out in the wild so if you are planning a trip to the Trop or happen to stop by there, please report back any changes you come across over the next 12-18 months.



Comments & Discussion:

First budget item: New head shots for the management team.

Sears Portrait Studio?

My little Alex has come so far. I'm proud of you, pumpkin!

How about one of those backgrounds with the lasers?

That lineup looks more like the faculty/staff section of a high school yearbook as opposed to a Las Vegas Casino.

Anyone notice that all of the female management members are blond and all of the male management members have receding hairlines

Wow, there is like absolutely no diversity in that crew at all. I'm all for giving the job to the best candidate but they couldn't find a Asian or Black person to be part of the team? Let's not forget that Asians significantly contribute to the Las Vegas market.

I mean, I guess they are not part of marketing but they are in charge of a major overhaul of the Trop and the result may make or break their business.

Were these their yearbook pictures? I will say that the group doesn't suggests a sense of adventure. The question is: will a revamp work? The property as it exists now is huge and what their budget is may not cover much at all but give a shine to a nice no longer steaming lump. I have wandered thru the Trop a few times and found dirty walls, escalators that didn't work, that beautiful ceiling and a lot of crappy looking places to eat. The exterior looks way better than the inside but is beginning to take a generic tone. If they can make it look like a classier hotel then the place can be salvaged but if not it will remain the second worst hotel on that side of the Strip next to Hooters.

Is it even possible to rehabilitate a property once it has lost it's luster. Can anyone name a successful example? The closest examples would be Golden Nugget and Caesar's. Arguably, the GN has been in progress for 20 years which started when Steve owned it and is greatly helped by virtue of being the only decent property downtown. Caesar's was a dump for many years, relying on past glory. It has regained a midlevel reputation, but only through additions, not by renovating (many of the crappy rooms and areas still remain). Complete failures would include Mirage and Luxor where a lot of money was spent, but they never got back to where they once were. I think Harrah's really understands this maxim that you can only hope to slow the downward spiral and that's why they don't even try.

is that lineup part of the LVRJ's annual "50 Worst Prostitues in Las Vegas" photo gallery?

The Tropicana is one of my favorites!!!

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