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That's Not A Real Buffet, That's A Sears Buffet

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 27th August 2009 6:01pm
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When I was a kid, my mom bought nearly everything that I wore, used or played with from the Sears catalog. From Toughskins jeans to the Tele-Games Atari 2600 knock off to the Sears version of the Nerf football, I never owned the 'real stuff' only the frauds. This caused me a great deal of pre-tween torment at the hands of bus stop bullies who shall remain nameless.

Years later, Frank Zappa confirmed that I wasn't the only one who suffered from Searsitis with this lyric tacked onto thetail end of "Cosmik Debris" (from 1974's Apostrophe (').)

Now, is that a REAL poncho or is that a SEARS poncho?

Simply put, Sears became synonymous with inauthentic knockoffs which were ever so slightly off the mark from the original, sometimes comically so.

In the last 10 years, Las Vegas has been invaded by monosyllabic names for clubs, bars and restaurants which are cleverly related to what it is that their business does... "Cut", "Prime", "Mix" and "Stack" come to mind as the best examples.

As with every trend adopted by the big name Strip properties, eventually they filter down, and become Searsed by the grind joints, usually with less than successful results. The monosyllabic trend has arrived at the Plaza outside of their freshly renamed buffet.... drum roll please.

stuffed the buffet at the plaza


Yes. They named their buffet stuffed, which puts it in similar league as crammed, jammed, packed, gobbled, devoured, pigged out, gorged, overindulged, filled, horsed, chowed and nom'd. I wonder what names they passed on... oh to be a bug in the speaker phone at that corporate meeting.

If it were up to me, I'd name it Ralph's.



Comments & Discussion:

Does this mean that the buffet at Circus Circus and Imperial Palace will be renamed "Puked" and "Vomit"?

Beats the Stratosphere's "Plate Plate Plate" as names go, though the Strat was reallly REAALLLY good for the price the first time we went to the renamed and re-energized buffet, good food in a kludgy room.

The second time was not as good, but there was no desserts without berry topping and we were seated next to a family with a stroller-aged child.

We used to have to shop at Ames. I'd get stuck with the Ames brand sneakers and be ridiculed at school. Now I buy New Balance! What!

I just saw Zappa Plays Zappa in Chicago this past Sunday. They played Cosmik Debris and its been stuck in my head all week. Odd that you should mention it.

I had many a pair of Toughskins (some of them the infamous "husky" ones) growing up. By the late 60s, the Sears brand was beginning to become old fashioned and unhip (and still is for the most part today even with the KMart ownership, which is just as unhip). Even Craftsman tools aren't as respected of brand these days. And Allstate is just an insurance company (Side note, the Allstate branded scooters are very collectible, especially the ones built by Piaggio [Pretty much rebadged Vespas].).

As for the renaming of the buffet at the Plaza, wouldn't "Pinch" have been a better name?

Is this place as bad or worse than the C2 buffet? The only buffets Downtown I've eaten at are Main Street Station, Fremont, and Golden Nugget.

Remember the Izod knock-off shirts from Sears? From about 100 yards, they looked like they were embroidered with an alligator. From 10 feet away though, you could tell it was a dragon. I had about 10 of them. I got punched a lot.

I think they also sold Polo knock-offs. Instead of a guy on a Polo pony swinging a mallet (or whatever the hell you swing in polo), it was a knight on a horse with a jousting, um, jouster thing.

Very medieval, those Sears fashion designers.

hmm, no fooling?

The logo is original but the name loses me. Why didn't they call the place 'land of a 1,000 plates' and call it a day?

"In the last 10 years, Las Vegas has been invaded by monosyllabic names for clubs, bars and restaurants which are cleverly related to what it is that their business does... "Cut", "Prime", "Mix" and "Stack" come to mind as the best examples."

This reminds me of the Mystery Science 3000 movie, where the lead character passes by a bar named "BAR". one of the robots then said "hey, i love to go to 'bar' where i can get 'drink' and 'sandwich' "

Looking over the food options at the Plaza/Vegas Club, they've definitely upped the quality of their offerings. Bringing Tinoco's Kitchen to replace the Great Moments Room, getting the Omelet House to open up a branch in the Plaza, and Firefly replacing the sports bar in the "dome". All three are local joints with good reputations.

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