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Packaged Deals on Aria Offer Suite Discounts

By MikeE on Sunday, 16th August 2009 10:42pm
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Aria Deals and Packages

With ARIA's opening quickly approaching, MGM Mirage Vacations has begun offering packaged deals to City Center's crown jewel. Most any Vegas expert will tell you to shy away from these deals and book flights and hotels separately. Crunching the numbers for Aria's grand opening reveals no exception unless you're looking to splurge...

As a solo traveler, a no-frills (removing the R/T airport transfers, etc.) packaged deal from December 17th through the 19th, departing from Orange County, CA on Southwest Airlines, totals $647.20. Booked separately, the same flight would cost $139.20 round trip after taxes and fees with Aria's lowest level room at $400.96 for both nights. That brings our grand total to $540.16 - a savings of 107.04 for booking separately.

BUT, should you decide to upgrade to a one-bedroom Penthouse suite when booking the packaged deal, the numbers become much more attractive. The same dates and same flights then total $1931.20 booked separate, but only $1517.20 booked as a package. That's a total of $414 in savings. Want three nights? You'll save $582 booking the packaged deal.

And this isn't exclusive to flights from Orange County, either. A quick check from New York's LaGuardia offers a packaged deal savings of $377 for December 17th through the 19th.

Bottom line: if you're looking to book a suite at Aria, don't shy away from a packaged deal. Chances are, you'll save some serious dough.

More here: MGMMirageVacations.com and AriaLasVegas.com.



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I should add: Just did another check from Chicago this time - savings of over $600 over two nights!

Yeah...try getting package flights out of Florida. They don't happen. EVER. Unless you're going on a cruise because every damn major city by the water here has it's own port.

I like how the picture of the room shows that the room is RIGHT NEXT to the pool. Like to pool water will slosh up on your window if there's enough people to make it happen.

I wonder if we can draw any conclusions about future Aria room pricing and bookings based on this?

I consider a package to be a good deal when the price works out such that the airfare is essentially free. This happens when an airline pre-commits to a large block of rooms and cannot fill them. The current Southwest Vacations promotion is a good example.

Not sure why anyone would fly from OC to Vegas, the flight (including rt to airport, security, baggage, taxi) takes the same time as driving.

I've done the OC to Vegas flight several times. Solo traveler no more than one night in town 15 minutes from drop off to gate = good option over driving.

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