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Dear Steve Wynn, About That Tweet...

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 12th August 2009 3:50pm
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It's been a while since you and I chatted... when was it, after Encore Media Week or was it before Lars Ulrich put the Basquiat up for auction? I forget, but i did get your thank you note about outing the architect who posted the Encore Macau renderings to his portfolio website.... what a doofus! Apparently he didn't read that non-disclosure agreement very well and/or he has no idea how dedicated people can be when searching for the holy grail of leaked secret plans.

That's not really here nor there Stevezi, what I really wanted to talk to you about was this Twitter thing. I know that your people have been mulling over how exactly they want to use Twitter for about 10 months, and now that they are about to officially start, I thought give you a little advice.

Don't play the standard Twitter marketing games. Your customers have no time, or are too smart for such shallow shenanigans. Give us the information, spare us the nonsense. No LOL's, no RT's, no #followfridays, no targeting of the Tweetbots, no bragging about how many followers you have and absolutely no cozying up to the local interactive marketing association jerkwads. Your audience is global, affluent and intelligent. You are @WynnLasVegas not @LuxorLV (etc.).

Of course, you probably knew all this already.

One last thing... how about connecting the Twitter account with your new series of YouTube videos with a "Welcome to @wynnlasvegas on Twitter" episode of The Steve Wynn Show. We'd really really love that. In fact, we'd love it so much, I wrote up a script for you... feel free to use or abuse it.

Fade in... SW at desk with computer screen open to WLV Twitter by his side.

I'm Steve Wynn and I'd like to welcome you to the official WynnLasVegas Twitter feed wherein we will keep you up to date about the latest goings on from right here in exciting Las Vegas.
Every day we'll send updates to your computer or mobile device wherever you are, and we'll do it in 140 characters or less. Welcome to @WynnLasVegas on Twitter, here come the surprises!

Fade Out... SW voiceover:

Should I hit send now?


So, how about it Steve? It shouldn't take more an 10 minutes of your time and you'll get about 500,000 video plays and about 15,000 sign ups to the WLV Twitter feed within the next 24 hours. This is the kind of personal touch that you are known for and is sorely lacking in social media marketing.

Think about it.

Take good care,

P.S. Maxine says hi.



Comments & Discussion:

Love it, but think it's unlikely to happen.

What's that sucking sound? Oh, it's the Steve Wynn personality cult.

This whole thing about deliberately confusing Wynn the guy with the hotel and the company, pretending he's sending every tweet and preparing every meal and changing every room, is tiring. Maybe it's because he's not doing anything newsworthy at the moment. Maybe it's because listening to the dude ramble on about how the President is killing his fortune every other month ruins the magic. Maybe because it's just kind of sappy.

I mean, really, TWO stories for the beginning of a Twitter account? I thought after the letdown of Oprah's First Tweet that we as a species understood such an event was not very important, but okay.

I don't mean to sound like an arrogant axe-grinder who builds model hotels in glass bottles for fun and posts on blogs to tell other people that they lack sufficient credentials to have an opinion. But it's kind of moved on from "this organization is really good at what it does" to "OOOMMGGGG Steve sign my (random body part) plzplzplz! Like oh wow I'm *SO* getting this tattooed!"

This is something I've kinda had on my chest for a while, but I've been afraid of losing buddies for it. So, uh.. *gets off soapbox, zips up pants*

#rant #NotLikelyToGarnerSupport

Mini, I think it comes down to this. No Wynn does not cook every meal, and make every bed. But not unlike Apple, you'd be hard pressed to find another company in the world, where the CEO has more single input on every single detail of the property, right down to having the pizza taken off the room service menu, because he thought it sucked. This is what makes Wynn Resorts so great. Steve and his team's taste is fantastic, and many people love what they do, and yes, they do have a cult like following, also not unlike Apple. But at the end of the day, I can't say you won't lose any friends, but you won't lose me. I feel like everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't mean I have to agree. I just feel like you probably won't convert many people on some of these Wynn fan boards over to your way of thinking. Love what they do, or hate what they do at Wynn Resorts, but you're probably not going to get many backers being anti Wynn. But as I said earlier, you're sure entitled to your opinion, but that don't make it right.

Brian: You make good points. I understand that people who are passionate about something or another often cannot be dragged back to looking at it objectively. I just expect a bit more cynicism than this from VT, is all.

Maybe someday I'll have the ability to balance it out. :b

Here at LasVegasAdvisor.com, we aim to please.

Min - no need to worry. Once the glow of moving outta our dump leaves Chuckums the cynicism will likely return. Never fear, it's always close at hand.

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